What is APEX?

The APEX Senior Executive Orientation provides a high-quality, joint orientation for new Executives within the Department of Defense.

Offered twice a year, APEX is a two-week DoD-wide Executive development opportunity designed to provide newly appointed Senior Executives with both a practical and theoretical understanding of the structure and processes of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Combatant Commands, the Joint Staff, and the Military Departments. Additionally, APEX helps new leaders gain an enterprise-wide perspective that encompasses expectations, opportunities and challenges currently facing our DoD leadership.

APEX includes one week in Washington, DC during which new executives gain a joint and enterprise perspective from Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Military Department, and interagency senior leadership. The second week is spent “on the road” at combatant commands and selected military installations. This week focuses on exposing the executives to service and joint operating concepts and environments.


The objectives of the APEX program are to enhance understanding of: