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Times photographer Erin Schaff was covering Joe Biden’s election certificate at the Capitol on January 6 when he heard protesters making noise inside the building. She walked over to the sounds to document what was happening.

Soon, a mob ran through the Capitol. Two or three men, dressed in black, surrounded Erin and asked her where she worked. When she saw “The New York Times” on her congressional media badge, they threw her to the ground, tore one of her cameras and smashed another before running away.

Erin then went to the rescue only the police officers, who thought she was a rebel, pointed the gun at her and shouted at her to get down on her hands and knees. Once the authorities realized she was a journalist, they helped her and two other photographers find a room to block themselves.

Running towards the story is an integral part of photojournalism, even if it involves physical danger. Hundreds of photographers from around the world who work for the Times generally do so quietly. They rarely go on TV or on podcasts, and their names appear in small categories below their photos.

But readers understand the key character of their work. Today’s edition of The Morning is a tribute to Times photography, which includes 12 photos that helped capture this year’s news. They come from the now-released Annual Pictures feature.

Take a closer look and you will see Erin’s name in the credits with the pictures below.

On January 6, rioters attacked police officers, looted offices and sent lawmakers to flee:

In the days that followed, National Guard troops defended Capitol as the council blamed Donald Trump for inciting the uprising:

Nearly 50 years after being elected to the Senate and 30 years after his first presidential campaign, Joe Biden went to the White House. He and Jill Biden socially embraced after their inauguration:

More people will die in 2021 in the United States and around the world than in 2020 because of Govt-19. Here, after Maritza’s father Philip died in the Los Angeles County ICU, Maritza Cruz offered his condolences to his mother Maria:

The invention and production of the Govit vaccine took place faster than almost any previous vaccine. Here, a nurse in Munich fills the hospital staff with syringes before vaccinating:

The world economy continues to be plagued by epidemics. In Don-avan the Philippine fishing city that once captivated visitors with the promise of meeting whale sharks tourism has plummeted:

Thousands flee as Taliban militants recapture country from chaotic US retreat from Afghanistan:

A few days after the building collapse that killed 98 people, women mourn at sunrise on Fla., Surface:

Simon Byles was liked, but Sunisa Lee, a Hmong American teenager from Minnesota, won an Olympic gold medal throughout gymnastics in Tokyo:

Wilma Iris Beraza, 28, and her two children, Adriana, 5, and Eric, 2, were among U.S. immigrants from Honduras who returned to Mexico in March:

The worst wildfires due to climate change burned across the west this summer and fall. Here, a firefighter worked to save a house near Lake Tahoe, Myers, California:

Finally, 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde won the Scripps National Spelling Bee by pronouncing it correctly. Murray (A type of tropical tree):

Lived: After meeting the parents of children with disabilities, Margaret Giannini decided to start a clinic to care for them. She died at 100.

Whether you have fun or like your cooking tips, sometimes every home cook can use some inspiration. The Times’ food and cooking staff checked out dozens of cookbooks published this year and selected their favorites.

Melissa Clark Mina Stone’s “Lemon, Love & Olive Oil,” recommends new Greek-influenced foods; Kim Severson “Rice” was coveted, the 25th and final installment in a collection of single-item volumes exploring southern cuisine; And Tiffany Pion Learned about West African food through clear descriptions of Ghanaian markets in “Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen” by Zoe Adjonyoh. Here is the full list.

“Together, these guides represent the best possible cookbooks,” writes Nikita Richardson of the Times. “They are guaranteed to be encouraged.”

For people who like to dine in New York City, reviewer Pete Wells has shared the top 10 new restaurants of the year. Claire Moses, a morning writer


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