25 stitches were put on Shahid Kapoor when he was injured in the set of the jersey.


25 stitches were put on Shahid Kapoor when he was injured in the set of the jersey.

This photo was shared by Shahid Kapoor. (Image courtesy: Shahid Kapoor)

New Delhi:

Shahid Kapoor is one of the Bollywood actors who are constantly checking their boundaries to get into their character. The roles Shahid has played over the years have earned him immense praise from his fans and colleagues. It looks like Shahid is preparing us for a breathtaking performance again Jersey. The actor has worked hard to complete the film. Once you know that Shahid had to put in 25 stitches while preparing for this role you can be sure. Shahid plays a cricketer who tries to get back into the game after a long break. Now, the latest video uploaded by Shahid also reveals details about his injuries.

We have to add that Shahid Kapoor has approached this role with an unstoppable attitude. It was clear when he told his coach, “Tension Nahi Hai. Car Lega key. Karate Raho. Chhodne ka nahi. [Don”t stress. I’ll pull this off. You keep training me. Don’t stop.]”

In the video, you can see Shahid Kapoor saying, “Tereko Malum High Main Life May Kabi Season Nahi Kela [You know what, I’ve never played in a season in my life]. “

Shahid Kapoor wrote, “He has my blood.”

Shahid Kapoor has received a lot of praise for his hard work in bringing this character to life. His wife, Mira Kapoor, commented on his post with a resounding “yes” with an emoji raised hand. Shahid’s brother and actor Ishan Cutter wrote, “Courage and pride. The meaning of heroes. Proud to think of you, boy.” Producer Aman Gill dropped emojis like a muscular arm, a drop of blood and a red heart in the comments.

Here is the clip:

Shahid Kapoor has also added a bit of humor in his BTS posts. Earlier, he had posted about his experience working with his father Pankaj Kapoor. The actor called his father “Papa Coach” and wrote, “Baba ke saat com karna mushkil hi nahi, terrible hi [Working with dad is not only difficult but also scary]. “

Jersey, Is a Hindi remake of a Telugu film of the same name, which is scheduled to release on December 31.


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