A farmer in Madhya Pradesh has claimed that he did not get a fair price for setting fire to 160 kg of garlic.


The farmer was seen on camera burying agricultural produce.


A young farmer from Madhya Pradesh expressed his frustration in public by burning 160 kg of garlic at an open auction in Mandsur, about 350 km from the state capital Bhopal, for not getting a fair price for his produce.

Shankar Sirfira of Deoli was forced to take drastic action as he tried to sell his goods to wholesalers in Mandsur Mandi.

‘Video of the farmer shoutingJai Jawan Jai Kisan‘(Farmer’s life) has been widely shared on social media after the burning of large produce.

Employees and other farmers in Mandi immediately put out the fire, preventing any damage to the wholesale market.

I spent Rs 5,000 to bring the garlic crop here, but only got Rs 1,100 from the buyers. It is better to burn the produce … If the price is not available, I spent 2.5 lakhs to cultivate garlic. Season, but in the market Rs. Only Rs 1 lakh has been received, ā€¯Shankar said.

The farmer was brought to the police station for questioning, but YD Nagar police station superintendent Jitendra Pathak said, “No damage has been caused to the produce of other farmers by the fire, so no case has been registered so far. Concerned farmer.”

This is not the first time the anger of farmers has been caught on camera.

In August, a farmer in Nashik, Maharashtra, was seen videotaping tomatoes on a street after the wholesale market price of tomatoes fell.

Similar scenes were released in 2018 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh


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