A look at his “Busy Monday”


From Masaba Gupta's Beach Diary: A View of His 'Busy Monday'

Masaba Gupta shared this photo. (Courtesy Masabagupta)


  • Masaba Gupta shared a picture from the beach
  • He next stars in Masaba Masaba 2
  • Masaba Gupta made her acting debut last year

New Delhi:

Masaba Gupta is a woman of many talents and, therefore, is often deceived by many hats. Masaba is one of the most beloved celebrity fashion designers in India and is also a successful actress and model. Many will argue that she is a certified social media star with people across the country waiting for her fashion, beauty and fitness. So when Masaba Gupta dropped a picture to describe his busy Monday version, he got everyone’s attention. And boy, are we jealous! When we tell you about the hustle and bustle of Masaba’s beach on the beach and the sunshine, we bet you will too.

Masaba Gupta, who shared a photo of himself sitting comfortably on one of the seats on the beach, wrote “Busy Monday” with emoticons emblazoned with symbols for the beach, sunlight, palm trees and coconuts.

Responding to the post, former Vijay and actress Maria Coretti said, “It’s so beautiful.”

Earlier on Monday, he also shared a video of the fishermen fishing that day. In a note on Instagram Stories, he said it was “the new capture morning”.



Screenshot of Masaba Gupta’s Instagram story.

Earlier in the day, on the eve of Christmas, Masaba Gupta shared a photo of himself getting ready to enjoy the festival. Wearing a spectacular pink blazer, he said, “Everyone is dressed to eat (I have even opened a button in anticipation) Merry Christmas to everyone. Love and light always. “

Masaba Gupta is a certified water baby and there are enough pictures in his timeline as a source. A few months ago, Masaba shared a series of pictures of himself relaxing in the pool with his friend producer Riya Kapoor. In the title, Masaba Gupta wrote, “Before the seasons change.”

Actress Nina Gupta and Masaba Gupta, daughter of former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards. The designer introduced his acting through the Netflix original மசப மசபா. He will also be seen in the second season of the series.


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