A note that moves the heart of the actor Sujanya who committed suicide



Sa Jan Janya left a four page note explaining his drastic action. It was signed by Savi Madappa, her real name.


Kannada TV actress Soujanya was found dead at her home in Bangalore on Thursday. The suicide note of 25-year-old, signed Chavi Madappa — her real name — speaks to her screen name, her mental health problems and her inability to cope.

The Bangalore-based actress, who hails from Kodagu district of Karnataka, has repeatedly apologized to her parents and other family members and friends in a four-page note.

It seems to have been written for three days, during which time she says she is thinking about suicide. There was no sign of her coming to the rescue.

“I’m the only one responsible for this … So family, please forgive me … I promised in my life that I would never do such a stupid thing but I had no choice. I was killed inside. Day by day, I was going so low. I had never seen myself like before. The statement said.

Locking the cove was as difficult as many who work in the television and film industry. Many have been pushed into an economic crisis and some have talked about depression.

In January this year, actress and Kannada Bigg Boss contestant Jayasree Ramaiah committed suicide. Last July, the same actress posted a Facebook post saying she was leaving, but later deleted that post.


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