‘Active’ development of Spider-Man 4, says Marvelin ‘Kevin Faiz


Spider-Man: No Way Home may be dropped in theaters now, but those involved are already looking forward to it. Kevin Faiz, head of Marvel Studios and chief creative officer of Marvel – the producer of all the Spider-Man movies that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – has revealed that Disney and Sony Pictures have already “begun actively” developing Spider-Man 4. The next story goes to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. This is a reduced version of what former Spider-Man filmmaker and former Sony Pictures chairman Amy Pascal has said (she has withdrawn her comments), but it reveals the urgency of Sony’s work on Spider-Man films.

“Emmy and I are talking to Disney and Sony – yes, we’ll start actively developing where the story goes next, and I’m going to say it openly because the fans do not want to experience any separation shock. [Spider-Man:] Far from home [in 2019]. That fact must be taken into account. ” The Spider-Man movie co-production deal between Disney and Sony Pictures stunned fans. They managed for a month or more by taking a large share of Disney’s profits.

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When will Spider-Man 4 arrive? Well, looking at Sony Pictures’ past record, the studio wants a two-year cycle for its superhero movies. Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy began in July 2017 with Spider-Man: Homecoming, followed by July 2019 for Home, now No Way Home, released in December 2021. No Way Home was supposed to be in July too, but had to be late. Thanks to the ongoing Govt-19 epidemic. Spider-Man 4 may go unreleased in 2023 – Hollande’s reluctance to turn 30 (now he’s 25), and despite the mention of wanting another Spider-Man trilogy from Pascal, they may want to. Get started as soon as possible.

“At the end of the film we just produced, you see Spider-Man making an important decision, he’s never seen before. It’s a sacrifice. It gives us a lot of work for the next film,” Pascal told The New York Times, then reducing his enthusiasm for the second Spider-Man trilogy with Holland. He expressed optimism about their continued partnership with Marvel Studios: “We’re producers, so we’re always confident that everything will work out. I would love to work with Kevin.

But Marvel and Spidey fans will not have to wait until the next Spider-Man movie to see the friendly neighbor superhero in action. As part of the For From Home deal between Disney and Sony Pictures, Spider-Man will appear in an MCU crossover movie. Which though? Here’s what Feige has to say on that topic: “He’s coming occasionally. When, where, of course, the funniest part – and the part we never talked about.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now being screened in theaters around the world.


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