Actress Hamza Nandini has released details of her battle with breast cancer


'I refuse to leave': Actress Hamza Nandini reveals details of her battle with breast cancer

This picture was shared by Hamza Nandini. (Courtesy: Ihamsanandini)


  • She is being treated for breast cancer
  • “I know my life will never be the same,” he wrote
  • The actor opened up about his diagnosis and treatment

New Delhi:

Actress Hamza Nandini has acted in Telugu films like Mirchi And MythIn a detailed Instagram post on Monday, she opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis, its treatment and more. The 37-year-old actress also shared her photo with the note. He began by writing: “No matter how much life throws at me, no matter how unreasonable it may seem, I refuse to act like a victim. I refuse to be ruled by fear, despair and negativity. I refuse to leave. With courage and love, I will push forward.” He added, “4 months ago, I felt a small lump in my chest. I knew my life would never change. 18 years ago I lost my mother to a terrible disease, and then I lived. Under its dark shadow. I was scared.”

Hamza Nandini was diagnosed with grade III invasive carcinoma (breast cancer). He wrote: “Within two hours, I had a tumor examined at a mammography clinic. I was immediately asked to see a surgeon oncologist, who recommended that I need a biopsy. And after the tests, I bravely walked to the operating theater where my tumor was removed. At this point, the doctors confirmed that it had not spread, and I’m lucky. I caught it soon. A silver lining. “

The actress has stated in her post that she has undergone chemotherapy treatment 9 times and is yet to undergo treatment 7 more times. “The relief was short-lived because I tested positive for BRCA1 (hereditary breast cancer), which means I have a genetic mutation that guarantees me a 70% chance of developing another breast cancer and a 45% chance of developing ovarian cancer. Throughout my life, the risk The only way to alleviate it is to have the most comprehensive preventive surgeries I have to perform before I can achieve success.Currently, I have already undergone 9 chemotherapy treatments and there are 7 more treatments.

The actress wrote about the silver lining in the middle of that particular situation that she was given a “few promises”. He wrote: “I have made some promises to myself – I will not allow this disease to define my life, I will fight it with a smile and win. I will come back to the screen better and stronger. I will tell my story. I will celebrate everything I can. “

Hamza thanked the team of doctors treating him, his family, his friends and members of the film industry and signed his record. “My inboxes are full of your messages inquiring about my absence. I would like to thank all of you for your love and concern that sustained me in this test. I assure you that I am safe. An exceptional team of doctors. And I have an enthusiastic struggle with the intense vigor of gratitude, “he wrote.

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Hamza Nandini is famous for acting in such films Mirchi, Legend And Rudramadevi, A few names. Also starred in the film Jai Lava Kusha.


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