Adiya Shetty, who was physically ashamed in her teens, says, “It’s important to be kind.”


Adiya Shetty, who was physically ashamed in her youth, says, 'It is important to be kind.'

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  • Atiya was trolled for being skinny at a young age
  • “I was very aware of my body,” he said
  • “But I’m very good because I have confidence in myself today,” he added

New Delhi:

Actress Adiya Shetty does not believe in “commenting on anything that reduces one’s weight, appearance and confidence”. The actress, in an interview with ANI news agency, revealed that she was trolled for being skinny at a young age. Adiya Shetty, who has acted in four films in Bollywood, said that it is always “important to be kind” as our words can have a huge impact on people’s lives. “I fell into the category of body shaming when I was younger,” the 29-year-old actress told ANI. You do not know that they are facing war, you do not know what their insecurity is. “

She added: “I always hope you never say anything if you have nothing good to say. Our words have such an impact on people and our daily lives. It is important to be loving, to reflect on how we feel. In our daily actions.”

Atiya Shetty said that she was “very aware” about her physical appearance during her childhood and teenage days, but now, she is acting much better with confidence. Adiya is the daughter of actor Sunil Shetty.

“I’m not used to them anymore. I used to be used to it when I was a kid and as a teenager. I was very aware of my body, I’m still. But I’m so good because I’m confident. Today I am. People do not know what body shaming is, it’s about overweight people. They believe that is not right and that those who are skinny and have a certain appearance will be physically ashamed. That too is wrong, “the actress told ANI.

The 29-year-old actress believes that magazine covers, movies and social media also play a major role in promoting body shaming.

He said: “Because of social media, magazine cards, etc., I feel that many men and women, men and women who aspire to be a certain body want to be in a certain way based on their appearance. Movies, reality shows. There are so many beautiful misnomers, it’s scary. , Because many people want to be the same, “said ANI.

“It’s beautiful to be true,” Adia said, and we totally agree with her. The flaw is okay though, because the actress told ANI that “being imperfect is your own right”. He added: “It’s important to help the community understand that not everyone is the same or the same. It’s a lot of talk about women, but not all men are the same. Sometimes it’s hard to be in a particular way that you do not need to be.

Adiya Shetty made her Bollywood debut with the film 2015 Hero, Co-starring newcomer Suraj Pancholi. Adiya was last seen Motichur Saknachur, In which he worked with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


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