Aerospace technology, pushing telecommunications digital services to remote areas, facilitating inclusive growth: Vaishnav



Communications and Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said on Monday that the combination of space technology and telecommunications will help in the development of digital services to reach and include remote locations across the country.

Emphasizing that the government is fully committed to ensuring reforms and healthy competition in the sector, the Minister advised to study global best practices and come up with suggestions to contribute to policy making.

“It is very clear that space and telecommunications are helping us to reach areas that are generally inaccessible … forests, remote areas, the northeastern part of our country, the Himalayan sections, the desert areas … in these areas where digital services cannot be taken by traditional methods. For many, I believe we can reach those areas through space technologies, ”he said.

Speaking at the event marking the launch of the Indian Space Association, the minister said the integrated strength of space technologies and telecommunications will contribute “in a big way” to inclusive growth.

Space and telecommunications are naturally linked sectors, especially when it comes to managing spectrum, he said. Noting that this was a “complex lesson”, the minister urged industry leaders to study the best global practices in the matter and come up with definitions that India can accept.

“We are an open-minded government. We want to reform this sector and provide balance to all. We want there to be healthy competition in this sector. So please come up with recommendations that will help us develop policy in that direction,” Vaishna added.

India should enhance surveillance capabilities in geography and protection of space assets: NSA

National Security Adviser Ajit Doval said on Monday that India needs to increase its commercially available domestic satellite communications solutions, geo-surveillance capabilities and protection of space assets.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of the Indian Space Association, an aerospace company comprising companies like Bharti Airtel, Larsen & Toubro, Agnikul, Truva Space and Kawa Space.

“Economic growth and technological development are the most important products of national power. In such an environment, national governments alone cannot be partners in formulating policies for national security and development,” he said.

The private sector is an equal partner in nation building, Doval added.

“So far, specialized domains, such as public sector dominance, have to be opened up to the private sector, so we need to make sure we are ahead of the curve,” the National Security Adviser (NSA) said.

Dowell said, “Private investment in the aerospace sector will create high-tech jobs, facilitate technology absorption and ensure the involvement of foreign partners through joint ventures.”

These measures will make India a manufacturing hub for space assets, he said. Doval said the strong private sector industry will also contribute to meeting the growing security challenges.

“India needs to focus on enhancing capabilities in a number of areas, such as commercially available domestic satellite communication solutions, research and development in future technologies, surveillance capabilities across geography and conservation of space assets,” Dowell said.

Creating an appropriate regulatory environment for resolving security, safety and legal liability issues will be at the heart of this effort, he said. The NSA has reported rapid advances in the development of key technologies by the private sector.

“Many of these technologies are dual-use. They have revolutionized many areas, including navigation, remote sensing, weather monitoring, agriculture, satellite communications and broadband Internet.

According to some estimates, the global aerospace industry is poised to grow exponentially, according to the NSA. “With appropriate policy and regulations, the Indian private sector can become a co-traveler in India’s space travel,” he noted.

The outstanding work done by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to develop an ecosystem of high quality suppliers provides India with a solid platform to enhance the contribution of the private sector in the space sector, the NSA noted.


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