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The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) announced on Monday that England’s tour of Pakistan in mid-October has been canceled for two T20s – men’s and women’s doubles. This comes after New Zealand canceled a tour of Pakistan last week due to security threats.

After New Zealand canceled their tour of the first ODI in Rawalpindi, the departure of England became a formality, although the ECB spoke about discussing the matter last weekend. Both countries used the same security agency, ESI Security, led by Reg Dickason.

The ECB released a statement today. The ECB has a long-term commitment to tour Pakistan in 2022 as part of its men’s future tour plan. Earlier this year, we agreed to play in two additional T20 World Cup warm-up matches in Pakistan in October. Topics with men’s games.

“The ECB board met this weekend to discuss these additional England women’s and men’s games in Pakistan and can confirm that the board has reluctantly decided to withdraw both teams from the October tour,” the statement said.

The reaction of the Pakistan Cricket Board to the cancellation so far is disappointing. Newly elected PCB president Rameez Raja reacted angrily to New Zealand’s exit, posting on Twitter: “We are asking New Zealand at the ICC”. Following the ECP’s decision, his tweet reads: “Disappointed with England, withdrew from their commitment & their cricketing fraternity failed when it was needed. Survive Insha Allah. A warning call for Pakistan to become the best team in the world.

But cash losses aside, there is great precaution in the Pakistan cricket fraternity. “This is a blow because it may be less interest in cricket for our next generation. Watching superstars in the flesh motivates youngsters to get involved in the sport. Without home cricket, that percentage could go down in the coming seasons. The younger generation is the biggest loser here,” said the former Pakistan opener. Player Shoaib Mohammad told the Indian Express.

The ECB cited the cancellation as “mental and physical well-being” of cricketers and support staff. “The mental and physical health of our players and support staff is our number one priority and it is very important in the times we are currently living in. The statement said.

It added: “There is an additional problem for our men’s T20 team. We hope that touring under these conditions will not be the best preparation for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, where better performance is a priority for 2021.
When cricket started in England last year Pakistan went to play a foreign series in the Kovit environment. The ECP has sincerely apologized to the PCB.

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Pakistan International Cricket was banned a decade after the terrorist attack on a Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in 2009. However, he acknowledged that domestic work against New Zealand and the UK are high issues and that Shoaib’s recent development could pose a serious question mark in the future housing series in Pakistan.

“There will be two minds whether the major countries playing cricket will go back or not. Other countries have come here, but as long as we run the major countries, there will be a vacuum. Pakistan cricket will be fully recovered, especially when we run England and Australia,” he told the paper.

Just hours before the first ODI against Pakistan on September 17, the first match planned in New Zealand for 18 years, abandoned the Black Caps tour and acted under security threat. After the departure of England, a section of Pakistan cricket began to question the PCB and its international influence.

“The PCB is completely cornered. They can not move the muscle. They are not in a position to move the muscle. Look, the Pakistani security forces are known as one of the best in the world, but New Zealand seems to think differently. This is a sad story for cricket. In fact, there is an administrative vacuum in the PCB. They were experienced executives with high connections and the ICC members knew that this vacuum could not be filled overnight at the instigation of King Rameez.


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