After Salman Khan was bitten by a snake, shouts of “Hospital, hospital” arose


After Salman Khan was bitten by a snake, shouts of 'Hospital, hospital' arose

Photo of Salman Khan at his Panvel farm house.


  • Salman Khan tried to remove the snake from his farm house
  • Salman Khan has said that he liked the snake very much.
  • “The snake wrapped itself around the stick and began to climb up”: Salman

New Delhi:

Actor Salman Khan, who was bitten by a non-venomous snake at his farm house in Panvel on Saturday night, was bitten for the third time by a snake following a commotion, AFP news agency reported. Salman Khan was bitten three times by a non-venomous snake the day before his birthday and he was treated at a hospital in Kamotei in Navi Mumbai and discharged from there on Sunday morning. Salman Khan, who spoke about being bitten by a snake three times while trying to remove it from his farm house, said, “I very lovingly picked up the snake and brought it out. The snake wrapped itself around the stick and then it started to climb upwards,” AFP reported.

After being bitten twice by a snake, the villagers gathered at the farm house and shouted ‘Hospital, hospital, hospital’. There was great excitement, saying that I (the actor) should be taken to the hospital soon. Poison bites and it bites me again, “said Salman Khan, AFP reports.

After nearly six hours of medical treatment, the actor was paid antiven and placed under observation, Salman Khan returned to his farm house on Sunday morning and celebrated his 56th birthday with his family and friends.

Speaking to media after his discharge, Salman Khan shared that he survived the snake bite incident and was safely taken back to the jungle.

On Monday, news agency ANI Salman Khan said: “When I got back, we left the snake. My sister was so scared, so I clicked a picture with the snake for her. Ki Kya Hua? Sanp Zinta Hi? So, I said yes, Tiger Be Zinta High, Chanp Be Zinta High. “

Salman Khan turns 56 on Monday. He is the star of such films Hello Brother, PV No. 1, Dabangg, Radhe And Kick.

(With inputs from news agency AFP)


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