Alternative fraud: ADS searches four properties owned by a cleric in Delhi


The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ADS) on Tuesday along with Delhi Police conducted a search of four properties belonging to 64-year-old Malana Kalim, a cleric arrested last month on charges of illegal proselytizing.

Police said key documents and electronic devices were recovered from Jamiat Imam Waliullah, two houses of Kalim and two offices of the trust, located in Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi.

The foundation is run by the clergy, police said.

With a copy of the permission obtained from the court, the ADS team along with the Delhi Police reached Kalim’s houses and offices and seized several desktops, laptops and documents during the subsequent search operation.

The recovered documents and electronic gadgets will also be inspected during the examination, a senior official said.

So far 15 people have been arrested in connection with the alleged proselytizing scam that was foiled in June. Five of those arrested in the case are from Maharashtra.

The clergyman was arrested by the ADS on September 22 because his name had grown during its investigation. During the investigation, the police said that Maulana was involved in illegal conversions across the country through alleged initiatives in the form of educational and social organizations, for which he was receiving funding from abroad.

During its investigation, ADS officials said they had collected evidence that about Rs 20 crore had been deposited in different bank accounts in the name of the trust run by Kaleem.

It is alleged that details of the assets owned by Kalim are currently being collected and attempts are being made to identify the individuals who financed the transferred fraud.

On September 26, the ADS said it had arrested three persons, Mohammad Saleem, Mohammad Idris Qureshi of Muzaffarnagar and Kunal Ashok Chaudhry on information received from the cleric.

Police have obtained permission from the court to take Idris into police custody for four days from Tuesday.

Thiraj Deshmukh, an ADS officer from Maharashtra, was arrested on October 1 for failing to give satisfactory answers during a trial in Lucknow. Police said Thiraj had converted to Islam a week ago. At the request of the ATS, the court remanded Theeraj in police custody for seven days.

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