Amazon Prime membership prices in India will be raised by 50 per cent ‘very soon’


Amazon Prime price in India will increase by up to 50 percent. As a result of the renewal, the annual Amazon Prime member will receive Rs. 1,499, the existing Rs. 999. Changes will also come into effect for monthly and quarterly Amazon Prime membership plans in the country, the company confirmed for Gadgets 360. Includes early access to Amazon Prime online sales and benefits such as Prime Video, Amazon Music. Prime Reading and Prime Gaming.

Amazon spokesperson confirmed to Gadgets 360 that the Prime member in India has paid Rs. 999 to Rs. For the 1,499-year plan, Rs. 329 to Rs. 459 per quarter plan, and Rs. 129 to Rs. For the monthly plan 179. Although Amazon has not yet provided an exact date for when customers will begin to receive revised prices, the price change is planned to be implemented “very soon”.

“Since its inception five years ago at IN, Prime has continued to add value to its members. Prime offers an unparalleled mix of shopping, savings and entertainment benefits, making everyday life more comfortable and entertaining, and we continue to invest in making Prima even more valuable to our customers.” The spokesman said.

Amazon has updated its webpage to show Prime membership fees. According to Onlitech, the company has begun to inform customers about the update through its online marketplace.

In addition to regular subscribers, customers who join Amazon Prime as part of their telecom plan will also see an increase in prices, the company said on its updated web page.

On behalf of existing Prime members, Amazon said that users can continue their membership as long as their membership plan is at current prices. “However, after the price change, you can choose to renew your members at the new price,” the company noted.

Amazon Prime will also be revised for subscribers aged 18–24 in the country where the discounted membership price is set under the Prime Youth offer from May. However, in this case the subscription is at an effective price of Rs. 499 per annum, the current Rs. 749. Monthly and Quarterly Prime membership fees for young customers are effectively reduced to Rs. 64 and Rs. 164 to Rs. 89 and Rs. 299, respectively.

Revised Amazon Prime membership prices

Project Current price New price
Monthly Rs. 129 Rs. 179
Per quarter Rs. 329 Rs. 459
Annually Rs. 999 Rs. 1499
Prime Young Adult Monthly Rs. 89 (Rs. 90 cashback) Rs. 64 (Rs. 65 cashback)
Prime Young Adult Quarterly Rs. 229 (Rs. 230 cashback) Rs. 164 (Rs. 165 cashback)
Young adults annually Rs. 499 (Rs. 500 cashback) Rs. 749 (Rs. 750 cashback)

Amazon launched its Prime membership in 2016 in India. It has an introductory price of Rs. 499, Amazon has an annual price of Rs. 999 in 2017. The company also brought in its Prime monthly subscription in 2018 to attract more customers.

The latest revision comes out in the middle of the festive season. Earlier this month, Amazon launched its Great Indian Festival sale as a monthly event offering offers, discounts and offers for a variety of products. Amazon competitor Flipkart continues to offer a variety of unique online sales that will generate high revenue this festive season.

In the United States, Amazon offers its prime member $ 12.99 (approximately Rs. 1,000) or $ 119 (approximately Rs. 8,900) per month. Prime Video Membership is available individually for $ 8.99 (approximately Rs. 700) per month.

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