Ambedkar University Cut-Off Publication: For the most popular courses, it is higher than last year


Ambedkar University Delhi’s cut-off was released late on Tuesday night, which touched 100% marks. Unlike the University of Delhi, which requires a perfect score for admission to 10 courses in colleges, AUD’s highest cut-off is Psychology for students outside Delhi at 99.5%. This is 0.5 per cent more than last year.

NCD applicants applying for Psychology will need 98.75% this year, up from 97.5% last year.

Overall, the cut-off increased by 0.25-1.5 percent in all regular subjects. The only exception is sociology, in which the cut-off for non-NCT applicants has dropped from 98.25% last year to 97.75% this year. However, for NCD candidates, the cut-off is 96.75% -0.20% higher than 2020.

As it is a state university, AUD allocates 85% of its seats to residents of NCT, Delhi. Separate cut-offs have been announced for residents and non-residents, with residents having an advantage with slightly lower cut-offs.

Among other popular subjects such as economics, English, history and mathematics, the biggest increase in history is that the cut-off for non-NCD applicants has risen from 97% last year to 98.5% this year. For NCD applicants, the cut-off is 96.75%, up 0.25 percent from last year.

This year’s cut-off for math is NCD. Similarly, for economics, the cut-off is 97.25% for NCD candidates and 97.75% for non-NCD applicants, an increase of 0.75% and one per cent over the previous year, respectively.

English is the only subject with 97.5% cut-off for NCD and External NCD applicants. Last year the cut-off was 96.25% for NCD applicants and 96.75% for those outside the NCD.

In some of the off-beat courses offered on the Karampura campus, the cut-off is reduced for NCD and non-NCD applicants. The cut-offs for legal politics and society, global surveys and sustainable urbanization are 93%, 91.25% and 85%, respectively. Last year, the cut-offs for these courses were 93.75%, 93.25% and 88%, respectively.

For applicants outside the NCD, the cut-off in these courses, except for Legal Politics and Community (96.75%), was lower, an increase of 0.5 percent over last year. In global surveys and sustainable urban areas, the cut-off for non-NCT applicants dropped to 96% and 89.5% from 96.75% and 93.25% last year, respectively.

AUD is seen as an alternative for applicants from Delhi who are unable to clear DU’s rising cut-offs. This year, for a total of 827 seats, the university received about 19,000 applications, compared to 15,450 undergraduate applications for about 764 seats last year.

Admission against the first cut list will take place on October 6-7. The second cut-off will be released on October 8th.

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