Analysis: ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 is your winter trip from Saint-Tropez to Versailles.


But, thanks to streaming services, we can still travel to distant lands.

Case in point: In season two of “Emily in Paris”, the American travels to Versailles Palace, Saint-Tropez and other dress chic in the south of France.

Even if you are wandering around to retire from family, there is plenty of content that makes you feel happy and bright.

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2

(From left) Sylvie Greto as Philippine Leroy-Fueli, Emily Cooper as Lily Collins and Kamil Rasad "Emily in Paris"

Emily “Coming in Hot.”

In the second season of the Netflix series, Lily Collins returns as a stylish American marketing executive, still living in Paris, coping with the fall of last season’s end.

Has our girl officially become French? Because the way her love life is rolling brings so much joy.

Watch season two of “Emily in Paris” streaming now.

‘The Matrix Renaissance’

Keonu Reeves as Neo (right) and Gary-on-Moss as Trinity (left) "The Matrix Resurrections"

What’s up with Keanu Reeves and Gary-Anne Moss.

In the fourth film of the Matrix franchise, the couple does not seem to be much older than the original 1999 film.

Both do even more when it comes to action-packed scenes.

So far, the reviews have been mixed (our own Brian Lori did not like it), but if you are interested in it, the movie is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. (Both CNN and HBO are part of WarnerMedia.)

‘Being the Ricardos’

Nicole Kidman "Being the Ricardos"

The behind-the-scenes life of Lucille Paul (played by Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnas (Javier Barthem) is the theme of this biography, set during a time when the couple faced political smear and cultural barriers.

Kidman said he almost gave up the role after a setback in his acting career, but thanks to the support of the film’s writer and director Aaron Sork, he first (red) dived into portraying the couple’s complex personal and professional relationship. Transforms “I Love Lucy” into an iconic sitcom.

It runs in theaters and streams on Amazon Prime.

Bonus: CNN colleague Kendall Drummel and I discussed some of the 2022 movies that are expected to be released in the latest episode of my weekly show. Pop Life Pop Off! You can see it here:

Two things to ask

Podcast "Storytime with Seth Rogen"  Canadian actor-director has excellent storytelling.

If I were to make the list of “Best Podcasts of 2021”, it would definitely be in it.

“Storytime With Seth Rogen” is based on the premise that everyone has a crazy story – and who better to tell than Rojan?

The actor works hard at it, which is evident in the excellent stories featured as the story of a man who lived to tell the story of a fight with a grizzly bear.

The Earwolf Podcast Network program can be found where podcasts are available.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama immersed herself in conversations with loved ones on 10 podcast episodes.  We need 10 more, please.

I have added this in the hope that a new chapter will be available soon.

Episodes of Michelle Obama’s podcast were released from time to time, last released in April.

But it is precious that we have deep conversations with the people in her life.

Mrs. Obama, we know you’re busy, but returning to the podcast would be a great Christmas gift.

One thing to talk about

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center burns during a ceremony in New York City on December 1st.

‘This is the season for holiday films.

Whether it’s Hallmark or Netflix, there is something for everyone in terms of content for this time of year.

But how do we punch it a bit?

CNN’s Sandra Gonzalez had a great idea to make a bingo game to go along with Christmas movies.

So play away!

One to drink

"Safe" Isa Ray is shown in a scene from Season Five.

I can not allow an “insecure” decision without sharing the tribute.

The HBO series, starring and created by Isa Ray, greatly influences black women for a realistic portrayal of friendship, romance and life.

I’m been riding with Ray since I first stumbled upon Ray’s talent a decade ago through the YouTube series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”.
He was the first guest I came across on my former CNN video series “Lisa’s Desk” and was kind enough to allow me to sit in a session of “insecure” writers room.

Now, after five seasons, the series ends on Sunday and I’m going to miss it. Although Ray is more interested in who she can fall in love with or end up with in this series, for me, her true loves will always be her closest friends – Molly, Kelly and Tiffany.


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