Analysis: It’s time to throw away another coin for ‘The Witcher’ and more


I. Because between the stress of the holidays and worrying about variations, I do not sleep properly these days.

If this is you, join me in the communal bed (of course social distance) to save time until things get right.

‘The Witcher’ Season 2

Henry Cavill "The Witcher" In plays Rivia's Gerald.
I’m not big on imagination, but Henry Cave’s presence alone is enough to make me a believer.

The “Man of Steel” star returns as Monster Hunter Gerald of Rivia in season two of the Netflix series based on Andrzej Sabkovsky’s popular book series.

Those books were transformed into an even more popular video game series, and there is plenty of action on the show – especially this season of War.

Season two starts streaming on Fridays.

‘Swan Song’

"Swan Chang" In Mahershala plays Ali Cameron, a terminally ill family man.

Tell me a character not played by Mahershala Ali. I will wait.

In this new film, he plays a serious father and husband who are facing a serious illness and a possible way to protect his family from the misery that comes with it.

Naomi Harris plays his wife Poppy and Glenn Klose plays the doctor.

It starts streaming on Apple TV + on Friday.

‘Shatner in Space’

William Shatner (left) and the NS-18 crew are shown floating inside the Blue Origin space capsule.
Have you ever thought that you will see tomorrow when “Star Trek” legend William Shatner goes to a place where no TV star has ever been before?
This new documentary takes us behind the scenes of Shatner’s trek with Blue Origin, sponsored by Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos.
At 90, Shatner became the oldest person to travel into space.

This documentary is streaming by default on Amazon Prime.

Bonus: Catch me with CNN’s Audrey Irwin on some of the setbacks caused by the permanent oversharing of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. (Did anyone mention the problem?) You can watch the latest episode of my show, Pop Life Pop Off! Here:

Two things to ask

‘Heir’ Podcast

"Heir" Brian Cox is shown as Logan Roy in a season three episode.
Season three is in the books, but that does not mean you can not fall in love with the HBO series yet. (Both HBO and CNN are part of WarnerMedia.)
In this podcast, journalist Cara Swisser “opens up real-world events that echo the history that unfolds on screen.”

Swisher has guests including those who work on the show and fellow journalists help break it all down.

The “heir” is the way to continue love.

It streams on Apple, Spotify and other services where you can view podcasts.

‘The real killer’

"The real killer"  Trying to unravel a heinous crime decades ago.

If you are a regular reader of Pop Life Chronicles, you know that the real culprit is me. For your newcomers, record that fact.

“The Real Killer” is a type of podcast that is connected in all ways to uncover the truth.

Presenter Leah Rothman investigates “one of the most heinous crimes in Missouri history.” It was a case that confused law enforcement and the St. Louis man was sentenced to life in prison.

Nearly 40 years later, new evidence is emerging, and the question is: who is the real killer?

The first two episodes are now streaming on IHeartRadio and other podcast sites.

One thing to talk about

Many media partners have chosen not to participate publicly in this year's Golden Globes due to diversity issues within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

If an award show is not televised, is it really an award show?

The 79th Annual Golden Globe nominations were announced on Monday, but due to diversity issues and ethical questions raised about the organization behind it, there was no network to broadcast the event at the event.

What is an award show without a TV festival?

In terms of ratings, award shows are life-supporting, but one of the things Hollywood wants to do is celebrate itself.

So, I think.

One to drink

"The Bachelorette" Season 18;  Stars Michelle Young.

Occasionally, something happens on reality television and it may raise the question of how the “unwritten” shows that are said to be “real” actually look like.

That’s how it was in “The Bachelorette” season.

Social media has been buzzing for the past few weeks with the fact that this year’s love-seeking woman, Michelle Young, ended up with two races just like her last four contestants.

Now, it simply saw things in common with rivals who were a person of color, people of color.

But the most cynical viewers wondered if the ABC was trying to close the door on controversy over the lack of diversity in the past series and the departure of former editor Chris Harrison from racially motivated comments.

What do you think? Was it the coincidence of the show’s producers or the curious talent?

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