Android 12 brings the tradition of sweet names ‘Snow Cone’


The code name ‘Snow Cone’ for Android 12 was revealed by the Google administrator on Twitter. The trend of giving sweet names to newer versions of Android is not new as Google has used titles like Ice Cream Sandwich, Marshmallow and Nugget. However, that custom was changed in the Android 10 release in 2019 as the company decided to use the number sequence to call its new Android releases. Android 12 was released as the latest operating system from Google Home on Monday – after months of testing under various developer previews and beta builds.

Dave Burke, Google’s Vice President of Engineering at Android on Monday Tweeted Android 12. Mobile platform to declare Snow Cone as a sweet name.

As Android Central noted, the title Snow Cone first appeared in February, however Google did not get enough protection for its newer Android versions as it dropped the use of sweet names in 2019.

Nevertheless, the Android family took the sweet moniker locally to Android 11 as it was called the Red Velvet Cake among the Google developers. Android 10 will be known as the Queen Cake by Pre-Burke before abandoning the sweet-themed naming scheme.

The standard version of Android 12 was released on Monday in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Shortly after its launch, manufacturers including Oppo, OnePlus and Realmy also confirmed the release of their custom skins based on the latest Android version. Google Pixel phones have not received an update yet.

Explained at Google’s I / O Developer Conference in May after the initial developer preview released in February, Android 12 brings the all-new ‘Material U’ design language. It displays new privacy options, a new approximate location permit and a screen indicator to alert users when the phone’s built-in microphone or camera is in use. There are improvements like the iOS-like way to opt out of ad tracking available later this year.

Google has additionally improved the overall user experience on Android 12 with better power efficiency and improved CPU performance. You will also receive changes including smooth audio transitions and an enhanced notification shadow.

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