Angita Konwar reveals details about anxiety and depression


'I had a storm in my head': Angita Konwar reveals details about anxiety and depression

This photo was shared by Angita Konwar. (Image courtesy: ankita_earthy)


  • Angita wrote about the latest episodes of her fight against anxiety and depression
  • “I still have a few days and everything is not‘ good ’there,” he added
  • “Things can seem overwhelming and meaningless at the same time”: Angita

New Delhi:

Angita Konwar, in her latest post on Instagram, wrote about her latest episodes of combating anxiety and depression. Ankita, who is married to actor-model Milind Somana, has released a recent photo of herself from the day of the “storm”, although she looks “good”. She wrote: “A picture of the past, a day that stormed my head, but my face reflected calm with a smile. Yes, I still have a few days when everything ‘is not’ good. Not everyone who looks ‘good’ is really good. It may seem meaningless, but I’m not as scared as I used to be.

Angita Konwar added that she is now “strengthened” and does not allow anxiety or depression to “consume” itself. “But now, I’ve become stronger and more positive, able to see the bright light through the dark patches. I do not allow myself to swallow it, I cry when I cry, I do not catch my thoughts like this. I get used to it. I let them come and go as they please. It takes a lot of training but I’m getting better at it. I remember reading somewhere that some of us need a little more effort to survive in this world. Rest ‘and I finally accepted that fact. We need help too, it’s not easy, it’s not easy, you will be better and stronger, “he wrote.

In her post, Angita adds some tips on how to deal with depression and stress: “Some things that help – physical and mental exercise: Journalism. Reducing caffeine. Reducing alcoholism. Avoiding drug use. Engaging with friends and family. Even help is needed. Seek professional help when needed, “he added:” Holidays can be very stressful and bring back all sorts of memories. Many things can motivate you, but stick to it. If you have, I’m here to remind you that your regression is stronger than the storm inside. Your head. Love you all. “

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Angita Konwar often shares chapters of her life with her fans on social media. Earlier this year, he revealed in an Instagram post that he had been “abused as a child”. An excerpt from his title reads: “I was abused as a child. I grew up in a hostel. I lived alone in the countryside. I was deceived by many believers. I lost a brother, I lost my ex-boyfriend, I lost my father. The way I look. If you see that I am confident, know that I am! Love yourself. “

Angita Konwar dated April 22, 2018 5 years ago to marry Milind Somana according to Maharashtra traditions.


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