Apple asks judge Epic Games to suspend hopeless orders



Apple on Friday asked a U.S. federal judge to suspend orders changing some of its App Store practices, and said it would appeal the ruling in a no – confidence case brought by “Fortnight” creator Epic Games. Filed.

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of Apple in September. But she needed an important offer: Apple Dec. 9 First app developers can’t stop adding buttons or links to their apps, which leads users to pay close to Apple’s in-app payment system, which charges developers a commission.

In his full 180-page judgment, Gonzalez Rogers expressed concern that developers would be barred from communicating.
With iPhone users about alternative pricing.

Apple said in a statement on Friday that compliance with the order would be “harmful” to consumers. It expects to win an appeal against this order and wants the legal process, which will take about a year, to work first. The epic individually appeals to the judge’s finding that Apple did not violate the law of distrust by its tariff rules.

“Requested shelter will allow Apple to protect consumers and protect its site while the company is running.
Complex and fast-growing legal, technical and economic issues, ”he said on Friday.

Apple has recently agreed to relax other rules regarding communication between developers and users. The company says the two have already begun discussing solutions to satisfy Gonzalez Rogers’ request that consumers be more informed and options to protect them from fraud and continue to receive commissions.

Apple is seeking an injunction to stay with Gonzalez Rogers in early November. The epic’s opening arguments for its appeal are December 12. Apple has said it will push “Fortnight” out of the App Store until all appeals are exhausted.


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