Apple sells more 5G smartphones in Q3 2021, Samsung grows into Xiaomi stalls: Strategy Analysis


Apple sells 5G-enabled smartphones worldwide in 2021 Q3, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. A few months after the company unveiled its latest iPhone 13 series on September 14th, Apple’s lead in competition is visible when it cuts the prices of its first 5G-enabled smartphones, the iPhone 12 series. Meanwhile, companies like Xiaomi, Samsung and Oppo were the top sellers of 5G-enabled Android smartphones in the third quarter, according to the analytics firm.

Apple accounts for a quarter of all global 5G shipments in Q3 2021, according to Strategy Analytics. Although Apple sells the most 5G smartphones worldwide, the company is Xiaomi, the company’s closest competitor in the Android lead, which has released several smartphones under Xiaomi. Redmi, and Poco brands this year. However, according to the report, Xiaomi’s Q3 2021 year-over-year performance has stalled due to increased competition.

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According to analytics firm Xiaomi’s growth in Q3 2021 seems to have stalled
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Although Xiaomi may have stalled after seeing dramatic growth in Q2 2021, Samsung seems to have seen significant growth in Europe, while Oppo has seen growth in China, according to strategic analysis. Globally, Samsung beat Oppo to become the next 5G Android smartphone vendor after Xiaomi in Q21 2021, following the company’s introduction of the high-end Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy S21 Ultra and the more affordable A-Series smartphones.

In terms of growth, the Honor 5G has become the fastest growing brand over the quarter. The company was formerly a subsidiary of Huawei, but the latter withdrew Honor this year to maintain US sanctions. Honor’s most popular 5G enabled smartphones in Q3 2021 are Honor 50 5G, Honor 50 SE and Honor 50 Pro 5G, which will help the brand gain popularity in China, the report said.


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