Arjun Kapoor may have started a new “boy band” in B-Town, thanks to designer Kunal Rawal


Meet the new 'Boy Band' in B-Town, thanks to Arjun Kapoor and designer Kunal Rawal

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Arjun Kapoor wants to keep things simple and true on social media. The actor can often be seen dropping brilliant life lessons with a hint of humor. No one can beat Arjun Kapoor in terms of funny pictures and posts. Now, the actor has shared a photo with his cousin Mohit Marwa, director Karan Poolani – who is married to Arjun Kapoor’s cousin Riya Kapoor – and designer Kunal Rawal. Although Arjun Kapoor, Mohit Marwa and Karan Poolani look beautiful in the film, Kunal Rawal can be seen pointing at the camera with a smile on his face. Commenting on Kunal’s pose, Arjun Kapoor said, “One of these four poses for a boycott cover. Who do I let guess … “

It didn’t take long for fans to drop Kunal Rawal’s name in the comments section. Joining in the mockery, Kunal Rawal nicknamed the popular boy band One Direction “Juan Direction”.

Arjun Kapoor is often seen by fans for the quality of time he spends with his loved ones. Recently, on his uncle, actor Anil Kapoor’s birthday, the actor wrote a poem for the star and mentioned at length about Anil Kapoor’s youthful appearance and vigor. An excerpt from his funny poem says, “He ages like good wine; Makes all the other actors whine. This post includes pictures of Arjun Kapoor as a child and even how he will look in 2060.

For those who do not know, Anil Kapoor is Arjun Kapoor’s father and producer Bonnie Kapoor’s brother.

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Before that, on Daddy Bonnie Kapoor’s birthday, Arjun Kapoor shared a throwback photo with his dad and sister Anshula Kapoor. In the title, Arjun Kapoor said, “Being selfless is not something that can be taught by one; It’s a built-in machine among very few people, and I’m the son of one of those people … I ‘ve seen and heard stories of dad leaving to help others find solutions and forgetting to help himself. Fulfilling his needs before all that .. Living unselfishly is not easy.

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At work, Arjun Kapoor was last seen Boot Police. Includes his upcoming films Ek Villain Returns And குட்டேய்.


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