Ashish Mishra arrested by UP police, Priyanka Gandhi Varanasi rally



Members of the Indian Youth Congress took to the stage over the Lakhimpur Gary incident in New Delhi. (Photo: PTI)

On Monday, Ajay Mishra announced that no case was pending against him in connection with the killing of four agrarian protesters by a vehicle belonging to him in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Keri. Lakhimpur Gary MP

Family members who filed the petition say they now live in constant fear. “As the Opposition is now the Union Home Minister, we are taking all precautionary measures,” said Rajiv Gupta, 45, a businessman from Lakhimpur Kerry. Gupta’s older brother, Prabhat Gupta, was shot dead on July 8, 2000, “while out shopping”. Prabhat was then 28 years old. Mishra and three others – Subhash’s uncle, Shashi Bhushan and Rakesh alias Talu – were accused of being involved in a “political rivalry” case with Prabhat’s family.

Ajay Kumar Misra, Union Moses, whose son is now facing a murder case, has attracted attention as the Lakhimpur carry affair has become a political hot button issue ahead of next year’s UPA elections. The Sunday Express traces Misra’s journey to ‘Theni Maharaj’, the first two-time MP to settle village disputes. UP was the only Brahmin face in the Union Cabinet till.


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