Ashwin vs Morgan: How can the IPL war of words have the World T20 series


While the sports-world laments the greater camaraderie between athletes, there are events that reaffirm the belief that the emotional load and the heat-the-moment are still high. Just like what happened between KKR captain Ein Morgan and DC spinner Ravichandran Ashwin on Tuesday.

Aswin, finally, the last laugh on Morgan. Most aptly, the last word, in fact and metaphorically. As he illuminated the KKR captain’s wicket with a quick off-break, he was caught in the slip, blaming the shy Irishman like a man, his eyes reddening with anger, “Come on, see, come on, like a boxer who knocked down an opponent on the court, But mocked and challenged him to get up again in order to bring him down again.

Ashwin is sometimes in a very long form in general, especially after a two-ball-two-trick tactic in the game of dismissal, but if the dismissal involves a comprehensive system. But there was a background. Morgan and Ashwin were in each other’s throats when Ashwin was caught in the last over of the Delhi Capitals innings.

Morgan initially came as a pacifist to resolve the heated exchange between Ashwin and Tim Southee, but something in Morgan clashed and morphed into an aggressor. Finally, Dinesh Karthik, Ashwin’s state vice-president and KKR keeper, had to separate. But Ashwin relentlessly turned to Morgan and KKR Huddle, muttering something to himself as he returned to the pavilion.

The annoyance was triggered by Ashwin’s extra run off the last ball of the 19th over. The ball got caught in the hand of Rishabh Punt. Ashwin felt the opportunity to scatter a single, and he did. Some KKR fielders protested at the time — Ashwin was once again in trouble on a field (involving the widely discussed mangading and England bowler the previous year). Morgan then tweeted: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing !! @IPL is a terrible example to set for young children coming. I think Aswin will regret it over time.

There may even be a sequel. Wait for the World Cup.

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