Atlanta explodes the path to a victory, but loses a ticket


HOUSTON – Atlanta stepped into its first World Series since 1999 seriously, quickly and memorably. George Soler framber Valdes ‘third pitch was thrown deep over the left-field fence, putting an immediate charge on the 117th World Series: the game’s first batter home for the first time in the series’ history.

Waltz, who left the slider 2-0 up and down, failed to regain his balance as Atlanta knocked it out of there. Each Atlanta thunderbolt collected at least one hit at the end of the evening. By the end of the third inning, Atlanta had scored five times, Valdes had been chased, and the Astros were well on their way to losing their fifth consecutive Home World Series game.

While Atlanta was largely comfortable after Solar’s strike, the final score of 6-2 was a sure representation of how it went.

“Everyone knows how to grow up thinking about playing in the World Series,” said Atlanta catcher Travis D’Arnot. “I mean, I’m sure everyone was a little excited when the game started, and I think Solar stopped us 1-0, it allowed everyone to relax and breathe and it reminded us to be.”

However, despite the relatively easy success of Minute Maid Park with a presence of 42,825 fans, the problem may have lurked in Atlanta. Starter Charlie Morton, like Waltz, was forced to leave the game early. But for Morton, who started the World Series for three teams, departure was not about performance. Instead, a Yuli Curiel smashed his right jaw again in the second inning, and although Morton would be in the game to get three more, Pitcher suffered a fracture in his fibula. Atlanta announced soon that Morton would miss the rest of this World Series, but is expected to be ready to go for spring training.

But even though Atlanta lost Morton, it got Solar. The 6-foot-4 Slucker was purchased from Kansas City in July, but was added to the Govt-19 Injury list from October 12-21 before this season. Tuesday marked his return to the starting line-up, and as the game played at American League Park, Atlanta was able to use him as a designated hitter. Solar had only taken the lead once in his career before manager Brian Snitker transferred him to that position for the final 11 games of the regular season.

The relatively new leadoff man did something no one else in the world series did. Earlier, four men hit the lead off Homers in the lower half of the first inning: The Dodgers’ Chris Taylor (2017), Kansas City’s Alcitz Escobar (2015), Boston’s Dustin Petroya (2007) and Baltimore’s Dan Bufford (1969).

“I’m very happy, frankly,” Solar later said through translator Franco Garcia. “My family and I were very happy. Truth be told, I didn’t know it was a thing until I was told after a while in the game.

This excited, inspired and confused his teammates.

“What was I really thinking, how do they know?” Center fielder Adam Dowell said. “That’s what I want to know.”

Dowell added, “It’s amazing how we can bring all of this together. What’s even more amazing is that this game has been played for a long time, and there are still first players to do something. It’s so awesome. Pretty neat.

“I think there will be a day when there is no longer the first.”

That day is not Tuesday. And for Atlanta, the historic achievement and the smooth transition to Solar’s ​​lead-off spot are just two elements added to a long list. The White-Hot National League champions have won 20 of the 25 games played in San Francisco on September 19, and overtook their rivals 125-74 during that extension, a dominant plus-51 run difference.

Part of the recipe for that success was used here in Game 1. Atlanta consistently outscored opponents in the first inning, scoring 110 runs in the regular season, sixth-highest in majors. Solar’s Homer continued the attack, then D’Arnot scored on Solar’s fielder’s Choice smash. Dowell blasted a two-run home run in the third inning on the left field.

Duvalin Homer was the one who sent Valdez to the rain, not surprisingly when it happened. Waltz set a major groundball percentage (70.3 percent) for majors in 2021, but received only two groundball outs in 15 batters. Every Atlanta hardline drive and smashed fly ball served as a warning that trouble was developing. When Valdes exited, the average exit speed against him was 99.3 mph.

“I would not say it’s too nerve-wracking because the beginning of Game 1 of the World Series and the beginning of Astros in the World Series was a sense of circumstance,” said Waltz through translator Andrew. Dunn-Baman. “I think it’s more than everything. It could have tried a little too much, thrown a little harder. I was in the zone but not exactly where I wanted to be. The catcher was not where I wanted to be.

Atlanta took eight feet and five runs over 15 batters with the Valdes. Despite Atlanta being knocked out 12 times, every batter in the series won. After Kansas City in Game 6 in 2014, Atlanta became the first team with nine openers to win at least one World Series game. A team like Solar’s leadoff performed this feat for the 25th time in a World Series game. Homer, this is the first time this has happened in Game 1.

“It’s great that we’re all winning today,” D’Arnad said. “This is a fantastic statistic, especially against the best pitching staff the Astros have. With Game 2 coming out tomorrow it’s huge, and we can ride that speed.

Atlanta did almost everything right, including implementing a key defensive game to end the eighth inning 6-2. Curiel burned a line drive high from the left-field wall, and Eddie Rosario played it right, with wheeling and second paceman Ozzy Albis striking and nailing Curiel in second place.

The Braves have not played at Minute Maid Park since 2017, and on Monday’s workout, the team’s coach, Eric Young, gathered all the outfielders and hit the fungus on various parts of the left and left center field wall.

“It’s one of the tricky outfields in the big leagues, the way it jumps off the surface,” Dowell said of baseball. “There are six different surfaces: the padding, the fence, the brick, the scoreboard, the metal on the scoreboard. So, yes, I mean, we tried to hit it all, trying to figure out where we should be when it jumped off the wall.

He added: “That’s part of what we do. In games like this we try to hide all the little things as the little things turn into big things.

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