Atrangi Review: Sarah Ali Khan is very relevant but Dhanush steals the show


Atrangi Review: Sarah Ali Khan is very relevant but Dhanush steals the show

Atrangi Ray Review: The movie’s promotional poster. (Image courtesy: minnalmuraliofficial)

actors: Sarah Ali Khan, Dhanush, Akshay Kumar, Ashish Verma, Dimple Hayati, Seema Biswas

Director: Anand L. Roy

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)

Anand L. Roy Atrangi Ray There is an unusual prototype. But no matter how hard he tried, AR Rahman’s lively music could not turn the main plot of the love story into a one – man show. The cosmopolitan-thin storyline affects credibility. But that’s the downside of the film’s problems. It takes a horrible cavalier stance on trauma and its long-term consequences.

A character Atrangi Ray (Streaming on Disney + Hotstar) Announces that no one understands psychological disorders yet. The film takes that pledge at face value and wraps a thin thread around it, completely ignoring the fact that it only trivializes the pain of the mind that needs help.

Dhanush, who plays a Tamil boy in his final year at the Delhi Medical College, is amazingly fast in the role he needs to capture a variety of moods – from face to face to force. But Dhanush is very natural and he can get value even from a role like saddle here.

S Venkatesh Viswanath ‘Vishu’ Iyer – Yes, that’s the full name of the character, you guessed it, gives us a moment to believe that the film is fun – a kind of guy who never misses a chance. His life is all set: he’s a doctor, and his engagement to Dean’s daughter is only two days away.

Why on earth does he travel with his best friend Madhusudan (Ashish Verma) to Shiva in Bihar – the beginning of the abode Atrangi Ray – Not explained. Suffice it to say that going abroad is bad. In one scene, Visu calls his fianc மனைவிe Mandakini (Dimple Hayathi) and poses on a telephone pole to ensure that he arrives in Chennai on time for the engagement ceremony.

Two scenes ago, as Vishu was getting off the train, he saw a frustrated woman (Sarah Ali Khan) running away from a crowd of men who had decided not to let her escape. As a reminder that “federal law” is a rural Bihar that does not have authority, her friend stops him from helping her. Joking aside, it’s a whole movie!

Then, after a couple of scenes, the girl – her name is Rinku Suryavanshi, she is a Thakur, lives in her maternal grandmother’s house for a long time after her parents died and no one has patience in the love of her life. Sajjad Ali Khan (Akshay Kumar), a magician, is forced to marry Vishu after giving him drugs.

The mother-in-law of the groom was abducted arbitrarily by her uncles on her orders. Nani (Seema Biswas) decides that it is time to release the harassing woman and save the family’s honor.

What are such image opportunities Atrangi Ray Does Visu miss the opportunity to express his language identity? No. A member of Rinku’s family scolds the kidnappers for attacking an Indian man. Nisla Hisa (Bottom part). The girl’s grandmother says that we are all Indians. What generosity!

And it doesn’t stop there. Visu enters Tamil to vent his anger and confusion. Do not abuse me, shouted Ringu. Switches quickly to Hindi without fighting with hill domination. This should also be taken as a joke. What do you expect from a movie that thinks nothing of treating something as serious as mental illness as an excuse for joy and drama?

Returning to the story regardless of its value, Ring reveals that she has been thrown in the train with her plus-less ‘husband’ and failed 21 attempts in seven years to run away with the man she loves. On each such occasion, she was caught, dragged home, kicked and screamed at, mercilessly beaten.

She proudly says that no one in the family knows the identity and name of her girlfriend. At the heart of the plot it is a real groove: why do his grandmothers and uncles oppose the man and they do not know who he is?

Visu and his college friends travel to Chennai for his engagement. Indescribable and comfortable, Rinku tags. Her sudden decision to join the party – where she lowers her security, dances away from gay men, makes the pitch even more bizarre for Visu in bargaining – is as far away as she can get into the boys’ hostel unhindered.

Hostel officials pierced the ring in Visu’s room without pulling her up. Another big question is not answered here. Why is Rungu here when Vishu has already confirmed that they will go separately once they land in Delhi.

After taking on a new trick, when the charming sorcerer returns from Africa everything becomes infinitely different and a flood of questions ensues. Visu and Madhusudan are scratching their heads in amazement just like the audience.

Madhusudhanan, who is studying to be a psychiatrist, said he “knows women” and was appointed Vishu’s adviser. Of course, he provokes more problems than he solves, not only for his friend, but also for the film, which goes on an incomprehensible and dull path connected with the unhappy past of the ring.

Sarah Ali Khan is appropriate and Akshay Kumar does the act of being the I-am-here star without the slightest self-doubt. However, Dhanush steals what is left of the show.

Atrangi Ray, The screenplay was written by Himanshu Sharma, as it leaves all shades of logic and demands an unconscionable amount of willingness to stop distrust. The plot is designed to move from one difficult situation to another, to establish the depth of Ringo’s love for Sajjad and the strength of Vishu’s determination in ‘personal’ triangular love. Most of the area goes into chaotic and difficult circles.

It is true that there is an element of madness Atrangi Ray. The problem is that there is no such thing.


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