Attempts to turn Lakkimpur into a Hindu-Sikh war: Varun Gandhi



BJP MP Calling it “immoral” and “dangerous”, Gandhi asked the parties “not to place petty political gains over national unity.”

# Attempts are being made to turn Lakkimpur into a Hindu and Sikh war. This is not just an immoral and false story. Creating these false lines & reopening wounds to heal a generation is dangerous. We must not place small political gains on national unity, ”Gandhi, a Philippine MP, tweeted on Sunday.

Speaking to The Indian Express on Sunday, Varun Gandhi said, “The struggle for justice in Lakhimpur is about a brutal massacre in the face of an arrogant local power elite. It has no religious connotations.” It is very dangerous, “he added.

Last week, Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi Were expelled from the BJP’s new national executive. Varun’s resignation came hours after he condemned an incident in Lakhimpur, in which a Union minister’s convoy allegedly ran away and killed four protesting farmers. Gandhi had written to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to register a murder case against those involved in the death of four farmers in the Lakhimpur Gary incident.

Gandhi criticized the events in Lakhimpur Gari, condemned those involved in the deaths of farmers and urged the government to be patient and restrained in its approach.

Responding to some BJP leaders linking the violence in Lakhimpur to the “Khalistanis”, he warned in a brief interview with the Indian Express that the use of “insulting and derogatory” language for “fighting peasants” was “unjust and cruel.” This will lead to “more reaction among people who are currently very quiet”. “It’s very unfortunate and it’s dangerous for the country, because instead of understanding what the struggling farmers are saying, we can not start using bad language for them. Gandhi told the Indian Express.

Earlier, Varun had come out in support of farmers who are fighting against controversial agricultural laws. He wrote a letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.


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