Bandh has called for support for Maharashtra farmers. Traders say the body will not join



Bandh has called for support for Maharashtra farmers.  Traders say the body will not join

Maharashtra Vikas Agadi Government supports Bandh

New Delhi:

The Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industry has protested against last week’s violence in Lakhimpur Kerry in Uttar Pradesh and called for a state government bandh tomorrow.

The traders association said in a statement today that they would return to business only after the relentless locks between the Govt-19 epidemic and the bandh would hit their revenues.

The Maharashtra Vikas Agadi government, which includes the Shiv Sena, the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party or the NCP, is backing the ball. In fact, the state government announced the bandh at a joint press conference of the three parties.

“I urge the 12 crore people of Maharashtra to support the farmers. If there is support you should all bandh and stop your work one day,” Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik told reporters.

The state government has said everything except essential services will be closed.

The Retailers Welfare Association, or FRTWA, said it did not support the ball. “We oppose the killing of farmers in Lakhimpur Kerry in UP. Whoever is responsible for the killings should be punished. But FRTWA does not support any bandh called by the Maharashtra Vikas Agadi government,” Chamber of Commerce chairman Viren Shah said in a video statement.

“We have suffered huge losses over the last 18 months due to the lockout. Our business is slowly progressing. When customers start coming to the store in the middle of the festive season, we do our business quietly. We appeal to the government to allow retail businesses to remain open. We will ensure that shoppers are not harassed or forced to close We hope so, ”Mr Shaw said today.

Ashish Misra, son of Union Minister Ajay Misra, was named in a police case filed by farmers who went to a crowd of protesters chanting slogans amid a peaceful black flag protest last Sunday.


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