Bangkok bombings: Thai police search for 10th suspect in deadly bombing



Thai police say they are looking for the 10th suspect in last month’s bombing in central Bangkok that killed 20 people.

Authorities will soon issue an arrest warrant for the presence of bomb-making materials in the room of a man who shared an apartment with a suspect who was arrested a week ago, National Police spokesman Lt. Gen. Proud Tavonsiri said. The nationality of man is unknown. The detainee, who is facing a major charge of possession of explosives illegally, was brought to court on Saturday to seek permission to extend his custody. When he was arrested, police found a fake Turkish passport with the name Adam Karadak in his apartment, but now call him Adam Karadak.


Another was arrested near the Cambodian border. None of the nationalities of the arrested men have been confirmed.

An arrest warrant has been issued for seven other suspects in the August 17 attack on Bangkok’s famous Yerevan temple, which has injured more than 120 people. Thai authorities say at least two of the suspects are believed to be Turks.

Proud said a painting of the new suspect is over, but police are waiting to look for a warrant until a witness can confirm its similarity. The suspect is believed to have had a serious explosion in the gang, and no casualties were reported the next day when another bomb exploded in the water near another Bangkok river hole.

“There is nothing else to update because it is still in secret operations,” Proud said. “But it’s approaching now, and we can express it. We expect some improvement next week.

Police appear to have made rapid progress in their investigation since the first raid on an apartment building on the outskirts of Bangkok on August 29.

A foreigner arrested at the border near Cambodia and wearing a yellow shirt is said to have been spotted in security videos. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station, killing at least three people and wounding dozens more.

However, Proud said on Friday that DNA samples taken from the suspect did not match the DNA and evidence was found that the bomber had left – taken in a taxi, banknotes and a motorcycle taxi the night he was attacked.


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