Battlegrounds Mobile India gets exclusive Christmas events with the latest 1.8 update


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has got the latest game modes and seasonal updates with the latest 1.8 update. The update went live on Google Play and the App Store. Developer Crafton has added various sporting events and social events celebrating Christmas with this update. The highlight of this is the introduction of the ‘React Survival’ mode. Krafton has decided to re-open six of the most popular game modes on Battlegrounds Mobile India. It comes with several outfits and a mythical winter-themed RPM6 armored leather.

As part of the update, Crafton Wars Mobile India has also added ‘React Survival’ mode. To compete in the Squid Game-inspired Red Light and Green Light Game, players must wear blue tracksuits with different numbers. The aim of this game is to reach the finish line undetected by the giant rabbit. You can combine ‘React Survival’ mode from Arcade mode. In addition, players have the option to create custom rooms to play privately with friends.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8 update reopens the six most popular modes. Players can now join ‘Metro Royal Mode’ to loot a large number of items in preparation for the match. ‘Survive Till Dawn Mode’ kills zombies and helps players to loot items. Players can choose to fight humans or zombies in ‘virus infection mode’. Heavy Machine Gun 2.0 mode features helicopter and armored vehicle based combat. Finally, ‘Rune Theme Mode’ gives players unique powers when selecting one of three rune pieces.

Included with this update is the new Royal Pass, which brings with it a number of themed arm skirts and clothing collections. To get the Snow Santa Monster set, Snow Santa Monster UAZ and Frozen Guardian set, players can buy it for 360 UC (in-game currency). Meanwhile, the new Mythic Winter-themed RPM6 is now only available for a limited time from December 20 to January 17 next year.

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