Behind the arrest of the minister’s son Ashish Misra, gaps in Alibi, phone location: sources


After the arrest of the minister's son, breaks in Alibi, phone location: sources

Uttar Pradesh police arrested Ashish Misra after questioning him for 12 hours

New Delhi:

Uttar Pradesh Police sources told NDTV that Ashish Misra, the son of junior Union Home Minister Ajay Misra, who was arrested on Saturday, could not answer many questions about his whereabouts during the violence in Lucknow last week.

According to sources, Ashish Misra said he was at a wrestling event 4-5 km from the scene of the violence on Sunday, but police reports released at the event and locals reveal the minister’s son went missing from 2 to 4 p.m.

The location of Ashish Misra’s mobile tower at the time shows the crime scene and the area around it. Misra told police he was at his rice mill near the crime scene under the same tower.

His alibi was further embarrassed when the first information report, or FIR, filed by Misra’s aides, allegedly killed three people, including his driver Hari Om, against farmers.

Although the FIR alleges that Hari Om Mahindra drove the tar and ran over the farmers, the video examined by the police shows a man wearing a white shirt or kurta driving the tar; When Hari Om brought his body to the hospital he was found wearing a yellow kurta.

Based on these three contradictions and Misra did not disclose the facts, those sources said that he was arrested. He also said he did not “cooperate” in his responses.

He was arrested five days after he was named in a murder case. The charges against him usually require immediate arrest and questions are raised as to whether he was given VIP treatment because of his father. He skipped the summons the day before.

Ashish Misra was named in the FIR filed by the farmers alleging that he went to a crowd of protesters chanting slogans in the midst of a peaceful black flag protest last Sunday. Eight people, including four farmers and four from the convoy, were killed in the incident and the violence it provoked.

The Union Minister’s son admits that the SUV that ran over the farmers belongs to him but he maintains that it is not in it.

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