Bhadralekha and Rajkumar Rao are busy “creating some memories”. See picture


Bhadraleka and Rajkumar Rao are busy 'creating some memories'.  See picture

Badralekha shared this photo. (Image courtesy: patralekhaa)

New Delhi:

Love is in the air when Rajkumar Rao and Bhadraleka post to us with their PDA moments. The Shakti couple got married on November 5 in Chandigarh after dating for 11 years. Also, thanks to the social media pages of these two celebrities, we have not lost much. The pair created another look for their Indofam. Rajkumar Rao and Bhadralekha are currently “creating some memories” together. In a photo posted by Bhadralekha, the two can be seen sitting side by side. The black-and-white photo shows them smiling honestly as Rajkumar Rao sits with his hand on Bhadraleka’s chair. The actress wrote, “Stealing some moments creates some memories between Lucknow and Chandigarh.”

It has been a month since Rajkumar got married to Rao and Bhadralekha. Also, their love is still as ripe as ever. Recently, the actor released a photo of the two playing like children in the mud. The next slide is a captivating snapshot of their amazing wedding. Written by Rajkumar Rao.Mera Yaar Tum, Mera Pyar Tum, Mera Dil Pee Tum, Tildar Tum. [You are my friend, you are my love, you are my heart, you are my sweetheart]. “Badralekha reposted it and wrote,” It’s already been a month. “

We can’t get enough of this newlywed couple. Also, we can not be thankful when we see their online PDA. Last month, Bhadralekha shared photos of their post-wedding parties and wrote “he and I” with a red heart emoji. The two wore shiny clothes and shared a spark with a smile and a loving look.

The post-wedding buzz around Rajkumar Rao and Bhadralekha never subsided. After all, the famous couple share many beautiful moments with their online fans. From sharing beautiful photos from their intimate Indian wedding to praising their love through dreamy snapshots at parties, this couple has done it all. We saw how hard they danced and enjoyed their party. Rajkumar Rao wrote, “Dance like tomorrow is not.”

Aren’t the pictures magical?


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