Biden spoke to the nation about Omigron on Tuesday


President Biden will address the nation on Tuesday in response to the spread of the Omigran variant of the corona virus, which has sent epidemics to some parts of the country and raised new fears about the country’s health and its economy in the coming months.

Mr. White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said Biden would “announce new measures being taken by the administration to help communities in need.” Wrote on Twitter On Saturday, it issued a “clear warning of what winter will be like for non-vaccinated Americans.”

“We are ready for increasing lawsuits,” he wrote in a Twitter post. Biden “will describe how we will respond to this challenge.

These comments come as management faces new questions about how they will respond to the challenges of an epidemic that goes beyond management’s expectations. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times this weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris criticized the administration for being blindsided by the new variant, saying that the earlier Delta had increased the number of viral infections and deaths this fall.

“We did not see Delta coming,” Ms Harris told the Associated Press. “Most scientists whose advice and direction we relied on I think did not see Delta coming. We did not see Omigron coming. That is the nature of this terrible virus, which, as it turns out, has mutations and variations.

Mr. Both Biden have warned Omicron this month, while expressing confidence in countering it, expressing hope that the rapidly spreading variance will not hold back progress in recent months as the country returns to normalcy.

This variation was first discovered after the imposition of travel restrictions in some countries, including South Africa. Pitton’s response to this variation has been largely inclined to urge Americans to get vaccinated, including booster shots.

To those who have not been vaccinated, the president said on Thursday, “We are seeing a winter of severe illness and death if you do not get vaccinated they and their families and hospitals will soon be drowning.” But there is good news: if you get vaccinated and take your booster shot, you will be protected from serious illness and death.

In recent weeks, Ms. Ms. Psaki has repeatedly raised questions. On Friday, on his way to South Carolina, he told reporters in Air Force One that federal surgeons are helping communities deal with the rising tide of lawsuits in hard-hit states such as Colorado, Michigan and Vermont.

“There is no new assessment they have made or any new recommendations they have made to date,” he said. “But it’s obviously a conversation that takes place domestically, because we see not only new variation, but any events any uprisings we see in communities across the country. And, of course, we continue to evaluate new actions that need to be taken.


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