Biden’s China mess: How to implement Trump’s trade deal


“Farmers should come to me and say,‘ Sir, we can’t produce that much, ’” he added.

In January 2020, Mr. When Trump signed a trade agreement with China, those estimates were engraved on the word of the US government. Mr. Although Biden and his representatives have criticized the trade deal for failing to resolve many of the pressing trade issues the United States has with China, they have vowed to uphold it.

In a call to Chinese President Xi Jinping last month, President Biden underscored the importance of fulfilling China’s obligations, and underlined his desire for “real progress” in talks between a senior executive, Ms Tai, and Deputy Prime Minister Liu He. Said.

Both Chinese and US officials have insisted that the purchase promises are a component of the trade agreement. The agreement promises to streamline China’s import process for U.S. farm goods, increase penalties for intellectual property infringement, and ease sanctions, including other reforms, for U.S. financial institutions doing business in China.

Ms Tai said she would put pressure on Chinese leaders on key trade issues not covered by the agreement, such as using China’s industrial subsidies to develop its businesses.

But he called the trade deal, which is often referred to as phase 1, “a life contract”.

“This is the commitment we make as an administration to the agreements that the United States makes with our business partners, and yes, we hold them accountable,” Ms Toy said.

Mr. According to Bowen, China is nearing completion of 83 percent of its expected purchases under the agreement by the end of October to meet its target obligations on agriculture.

Sales of corn and pork in China have been particularly strong since the African swine flu epidemic devastated China’s swine herds. But exports of American soybeans, lobster and other commodities seem to have declined, mr. According to Pound’s estimates.


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