BJP MP Varun Gandhi tweets viral video, says it will shake anyone’s soul


'Whose soul is shaken': BJP's Varun Gandhi in a viral video from UP

BJP’s Varun Gandhi has demanded a court-martial in the case. (File)

New Delhi:

BJP MP Varun Gandhi tweeted a viral video this morning that looks like it was being carried out on farmers in Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh – which led to eight deaths, which was condemned across the country. The BJP leader wrote, “This video will shake anyone’s heart” and called for “immediate arrest”.

“In Lakhimpur, the video of cars running over farmers shocks anyone. The police should watch the video and identify the owners of the car, the occupants of the car and others involved in the immediate arrest,” he said in a tweet in UP’s Philippine Hindi.

No arrests have been made in the Lakhimpur violence, which has now become a national issue and all opposition parties are critical of the ruling BJP in handling the case.

Ashish Misra, son of Union Home Minister Ajay Kumar Misra, is the only person named in the murder case; He denied that he was in that place.

Varun Gandhi was the only BJP leader to express serious concern over the turn of events, demanding that it be monitored by the Supreme Court.

On Sunday, farmers who had gathered to block the visit of Union Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Muriah said the violence began after militants attacked protesters in Lakhimpur Keri district.

This viral video, shared by many in the opposition, has not yet been verified by police. NDTV cannot independently verify its authenticity.

Congress’ Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who has been in police custody for more than 30 hours, also tweeted the clip and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he had seen the video before his arrival in Lucknow. The Congress leader was arrested while on his way to Lakhimpur.

Several opposition leaders were barred from entering the district after Sunday’s violence. Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party was arrested while protesting outside his home in Lucknow. Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Sunny has been denied permission to visit the state.

The issue drew national attention a few months before the state elections and amid peasant protests against three controversial laws.

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