Blinken stopped traveling to Asia after Kovit was examined by a journalist


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia Foreign Secretary Anthony J. Schmidt has said that a journalist traveling in his delegation has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. Blinkan stopped his Southeast Asian tour on Wednesday.

A State Department spokesman said Mr Blingen had tested negative at every stop of diplomatic missions to Britain, Indonesia and Malaysia in the past week. He had scheduled meetings with senior officials in the Thai capital, Bangkok, on Thursday, but canceled a return to the United States.

He stopped short in Bangkok on Wednesday night to pick up the flight crew to return to the United States.

Nate Price, State Department Spokesman, Mr. Blingen called on Thai Deputy Prime Minister Dan Pramudwin to express “deep regret” over the change.

He explained that Secretary of State Washington, D.C., would return to Washington, D.C., to mitigate the risk of the spread of Covit-19, and to prioritize the health and safety of the U.S. voyage team. With the utmost caution, “Mr. Price said in a statement as the delegation left Kuala Lumpur.

As Secretary of State for Southeast Asia, Mr. This is Blinken’s first trip, and his itinerary is to portray the United States as a more reliable ally for countries here than regional heavyweight China. The economic rivalry between the United States and China has led to tense diplomatic relations, one of President Biden’s major foreign policy concerns.

The administration is preparing a broader strategy to strengthen its role in the Indo-Pacific region, and this week Mr. Blinken’s travels sought to reassure Southeast Asian nations that they would be a key component.

The journalist, who tested positive for the virus, was part of a small group of media personnel who traveled with the Secretary of State. The journalist, who was not identified for privacy reasons, tested negative in Jakarta on Monday, but received a positive test for the virus after arriving in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday night.

As Delta and Omigran variations have increased around the world, foreign governments have stepped up testing requirements for the travel of diplomatic missions.

While traveling with Mr. Blingen’s other entourage, the journalist who did the positive test said he would be in Kuala Lumpur for compulsory isolation. Price said.

Mr. Mr. Blinken, who also serves as Thailand’s top diplomat. Pramudvinai called on Washington to come “on a quick occasion”. Mr. Price said. He also promised to go to Thailand as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail met with Sabri bin Yacoub and other senior Malaysian officials, with only a handful of aides in Kuala Lumpur, to discuss security, economic and cultural issues and the impact of the corona virus. .

He also met with Malaysia’s top energy official and asked questions from reporters at a press conference.


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