Blizzard leaves dozens in bubble UK


On a hill in Yorkshire, England, a crowd filled a bubble on Friday to hear the Oasis Tribute Band. Inside the pub, at the Don Hill Hotel, the beer was cold, the fire was hot and the musicians were electric.

But outside, the wind was howling and the snow was spinning. Pub goers know the forecast is scary, but three-foot-high snow piles will prevent the pub from leaving, said Nicola Downsent, the hotel’s general manager.

After the tribute band Noise finished its set, local officials said it was not safe to drive home, Ms Downsent said Sunday night.

So the hosts, band members and seven hotel staff stayed the night.

And then another.

Sunday night, they stayed at another.

Although the roads are not safe to travel, a team of off-roaders took a couple of parents home with their young children, Ms Downsent said. A local mountain rescue team also helped evacuate a man in need of “ongoing treatment”.

The group of 61 strangers dropped to 55 on Monday, Ms Downsent said on a television morning show.

To pass the time, they took the pub quizzes, “Greece” and “Mamma Mia!” Watched movies like. And sang karaoke, she said.

“There are a lot of oases at this time,” he said, adding that pub goers have begun to call the tribute band “Snowwasis”.

Saturday night band members had to cancel a show due to snow.

Those in the bubble enjoyed some beers, but no one was “loud and drunk,” Ms Downsent said, because they “had to be respectful of each other.”

Some of those trapped already had hotel rooms, while others parked their motor homes outside. The rest were stuck in the lounge, where they slept on sofas or on the floor. Staff handed them mattresses, blankets and pillows and set fire to the fireplace.

They hoped they would leave Monday afternoon, but the problem is that a power line has blocked the exit path from a distant bubble. The pub is located in Richmond, North Yorkshire, about 200 miles northwest of London.

Outside the pub, the United Kingdom is reeling from the storm, which has been blamed for the deaths of at least three people in separate episodes on Friday.

One person was killed in a tree crash in Cumbria, England, police said, while two others – a man in Northern Ireland and a man in Aberdeenshire, Scotland – were struck by falling trees in their cars, officials said.

The storm paralyzed Britain’s power structure Thousands Without power. Britain’s National Weather Service’s Meteorological Office has issued several warnings since Friday, naming Hurricane Arven after high winds and snowfall.

The weather showed no signs of the pub hosts leaving. A video on social media showed the door covered with snow and cars parked outside, although emergency crews were seen clearing a path from the pub.

The episode attracted attention from all over the world, and this hotel has kept people updated on Facebook. In a post on Sunday night, it jokingly called pub goers “prisoners” and said “some are at a breaking point”.

But Ms Downsent said, “Everyone seems to be very happy.”

“I can describe it as having a party with all of your friends,” he said, adding that food at the hotel will not run out as there is stock for the winter.

The assembled people shared fried dinners, two beers and even a buffet (at home) with “various different bits,” he said.

“We will always remember the group of integrated wonderful human beings, and in challenging situations, we all enjoyed thinking of it as a life-changing experience,” another Facebook post said.

This is not the first time people have misted the hotel. Ms. Townsend said this also happened on New Year’s Day 2010. Waitrose & Partners, a UK grocery store, shot an ad in the hotel in 2017, where people going to the pub in the snow enjoyed eating together.

The group trapped in the bubble may have started out as strangers on Friday, but they will split up as friends, Ms Downsent said, “We talked about reuniting next year.”


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