Business-regular video of Minister Ajay Misra on Facebook amid dismissal calls


Business-regular video of the minister on Facebook amid calls for dismissal

New Delhi:

Union Minister Ajay Mishra, who was not called to Parliament to oust his son Ashish Mishra for allegedly running over farmers in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kerry, today posted a video of the conference at the Home Ministry on Facebook.

Mr Misra, who is also the home minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, has so far escaped without taking any action despite allegations that he and his son were in the Lakhimpur gorge when eight people, including four farmers, were killed. He is also accused of saving his imprisoned son from being arrested in October.

The BJP has refused to remove him, and his Facebook post refers to business as usual for him away from chaos in parliament. He comes to the office every day.

“Our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) and Home Minister (Amit Shah) are trying to break the old practice of collecting evidence on the culprits in oral evidence. We are trying to combine as much forensic and scientific evidence as possible. Mr Misra told reporters in the video.

The minister’s speech to his committee was in stark contrast to his attack on the media yesterday. Mr Misra was caught on camera looking at a journalist who asked him about the commission’s report recommending new charges against him.

“Do not ask these stupid questions. Timak karab hi kya pee (are you crazy?) … Thieves, you are building an innocent man,” the minister shouted.

He also barraged a reporter and snatched his mic. “Mike Band Karo B (Close Mike),” he lashes out.

The BJP, which faces elections in Uttar Pradesh early next year, has come out in support of him amid mounting opposition attacks.

“The minister should resign, he is a criminal,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told the Lok Sabha today, accusing Prime Minister Modi of protecting him.

Sources told NDTV today that the senior leader of the party was not in favor of swift action against Mr Mishra and that he would not be removed from the cabinet at present.

“A father cannot be punished for his son’s act,” BJP sources said.


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