Captain Harmanpreet calls for women’s IPL after Australia beat India in 2nd T20


India T20 captain Harmanpreet Kaur has stressed the need for a women’s IPL as he could not close the tight match against Australia in the second match of the three-match series here on Saturday.

Even during the previous ODIs, India ended up on the wrong side of a wrong decision.

“Looking at the way Dahlia McGrath batted today, we can see the confidence they get from matches like the WBBL. They are ready to play international cricket,” Kaur said in the post-match pressure.

“He did not play much in international cricket but played in many matches before playing for Australia. (Crack bowler) We have some young players like Renuka Singh who do not play much cricket at the highest level.

“She has excelled in domestic cricket, but not much experience yet. If we have a women’s IPL, domestic players will have a lot of opportunities to prove themselves under pressure.

Renuka gave up 13 runs in the 19th over, which tilted the game in Australia’s favor. Senior fast bowler Shika Pandey gave up 11 runs in the 18th over.

Eight Indian players are taking part in the Women’s Big Bash this season and hundreds of leading stars are in the UK.

Kaur cited the example of the men’s IPL, where youngsters can play with the cream of world cricket.

“Even when you look at a young talent playing, you can see the maturity in their game. By then they will have played at least 40-50 IPL matches.

“I think this is the only reason we are lagging behind now. If we get a chance to play in domestic matches like the IPL before playing in international matches, we will definitely improve.

In Australia, they get 20-30 matches in the WBBL before coming to international cricket. It will develop your skills and give you experience so you do not feel like you are losing in international cricket, ”he added.

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