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Happy Birthday, Salman Khan: Check out his 10 best verses

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  • Salman Khan celebrates his 56th birthday
  • The actor is at his Panvel farm house
  • The actor last acted in the film ‘Antim’

New Delhi:

There are superstars, then there is Salman Khan. He has won various categories with the simplicity of a senior player. From coveted characters to cool dance moves, Salman Khan has given a lot to the Bollywood world. The actor, who celebrates his birthday on December 27, is loved by fans around the world for his iconic verses. Whether it’s romantic couples or Killer One liners, he can deliver conversations as easily as a megastar. Also, this may be the reason why Salman Khan’s conversations have become an integral part of pop culture today.

On his birthday, we revisit Salman Khan’s most famous dialogues that you can remember and even use once in a while. See:

  1. Let’s start with a classic. Salman Khan announced the golden rule of friendship in 1989 Maine Pierre Kia And it stuck after decades. After all, no one said, “Dosti ka ek usul hi madam … sorry no thank you”At least once in their lives.

  1. “Ek Bar Jo Maine Dedication Karti, Uske Baat Mai Apne Aap Ki Ki Nahi Sunda” Salman Khan has announced Required And provided a line that fans can use anywhere.

  1. No one romances like Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Also, when you throw in the chemistry mix of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai, you get magic. When Hum Dil De Suke Sanam There are so many memorable conversations, really nothing, “Agar tum mujhe yun hi tekti rahi, do tumhe mujhe pyar ho jayoka.

  1. Need a lesson for self-confidence? Follow the mantra of Salman Khan ReadyI underestimate Zindagi Main Teen Season Kabi Matt Karna … Me, Me, Me. “

  1. Salman Khan’s films are full of inspiring moments. If a line compresses it better, it is Sultan Conversation: “Koi tumhe tap tak nahi hara sakta jab tak tum kut se na har jao. “

  1. It’s amazing how Salman Khan’s iconic dialogues fit anywhere. Is your sibling suspiciously beautiful? Step back from this conversation Bodyguard And tell me, “Mujbe Ek Ehsan Karna, Mujbe Koi Ehsan Mat Karna ”

  1. In the 2014 movie Jai Ho, When Salman Khan talks about the power of the common man, “Aam Aadmi Soda Hua Sher Hai, Ungli Madhkar. Jack Gaya Do Sear Fat Dekha.

  1. In குழல்விளக்கு, Salman Khan shattered the notion of hope beautifully. “Yakin ek duplite ki tara hota hai, der se jalta hai, login jab jalta hai do full light kar theta hai.”

  1. It can be hard to be positive in difficult times. But Salman Khan declared popular Main Aur Mrs. Khanna: “Achche Waqt Ki Ek Karabi Hai, Achcha Waqt Kadam Ho Jata Hai. Login pure wakt ki ek achai hai, ke wo b kadam ho jata hai. “

  1. If you ever have any doubts about yourself, remember Salman Khan’s conversation Jai Ho “A man can make a difference.” Well, there can be no disagreement.

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