China: Terrorist explosions two months after a bomb blast in the port city of Tianjin


The northern Chinese port city of Tianjin was rocked by a warehouse explosion on Tuesday, two months after a massive explosion in the city killed 173 people or left them missing.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a liquor store in the city, but no casualties were reported, local police said.

Tianjin was ordered to conduct a thorough inspection to eliminate workplace hazards after the August bombings, with special focus on storing chemicals in warehouses. The new bombing underscores the challenges China faces in ensuring workplace safety.

Tianjin police say they have arrested the owner of a chemical company that illegally rented a private warehouse in an area to store chemicals. A resident identified by his family name, Huo, was also arrested, police said.

Local officials said 3,000 kilograms (, 6,600) of alcohol was stored in the 700-square-foot (7,500-square-foot) warehouse. Drugs.

The local government said the blast posed no danger to people or the environment.

In August, a warehouse complex containing large quantities of hazardous chemicals caught fire and exploded in Tianjin, killing 165 people and leaving eight missing.

This catastrophe raised questions about corruption and government performance. Investigations into the August 12 bombings at Ruhai International Armory warehouses were located closer to homes than allowed, and stored more than 700 tons of more dangerous substances than approved, including toxic sodium cyanide.

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