Coal Minister Pralhat Joshi said there would be adequate coal supply amid power outage concerns.



There will be adequate coal supply: Government due to power outage

New Delhi:

Union Minister for Coal Pralhat Joshi today said that the country has achieved a record supply of coal on Monday and the Ministry of Coal India and Coal are making full efforts to meet the demand of the country. Coal India Ltd currently has 22 days of coal, he added amid concerns over power outages in several states.

“Yesterday 1.95 million tonnes of coal was delivered, which is a record to date. We will continue to increase the supply of coal fast. We hope that the supply of coal will improve rapidly after the end of the monsoon season,” he said. Joshi said. “After October 21, we will try to supply 2 million tonnes of coal,” he added.

“We want to assure the whole country that coal will be available as needed,” he said.


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