Court summons Netflix documentaries and producer for defamation suit filed by Sahara



The Special Chief Judicial Court in Lucknow on Wednesday summoned Sahara for filing a defamatory documentary / trailer against director, Netflix India LLP, Abhishek Knock, documentary producer Nick Reid and producer Netflix Reva Sharma. A documentary series entitledBad Boy Millionaires

The court ordered him to appear for the next hearing on November 15.

Produced by Netflix, the documentary traces the early life and rise of Sahara Group Chairman Subrata Roy Sahara and fallen presidents Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi. According to the complaint, the producers of the series have formed a direct alliance between Roy and Mallya and Modi, both of whom were declared to be undercover.

Before sending the summons, the court recorded the complaint and the testimony of the witnesses. According to the court, an offense was committed against the trio under sections 500 (punishment for defamation), 501 (printing or engraving material known as defamation) and 502 (sale of printed or engraved material containing defamatory material) under IPC.

At the time of filing the lawsuit, the accused had allegedly produced and released the Netflix series on October 5, 2020, defaming the Sahara and its leader.

The complaint states, “… in an attempt to make the documentary spicier and rhetorical, all of the accused deliberately tried to portray the leader of the Sahara group in bad taste …”


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