Cristiano Ronaldo and UFC legend Kabib Normagomedov face a friendly fight. See



Watch: Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and UFC legend Kabib Normagomedov face off in a friendly fight

During the friendly clash between Cristiano Ronaldo and Kabib Normagomedov.. Instagram

UFC legend Kabib Normakomedo’s fans fell in love with football when they attended English Premier League club Manchester United at Old Trafford Stadium. Normakhometov, who often supports United through his social media posts, also met with footballers Paul Pokpa and Cristiano Ronaldo. In brief clips of his encounter with the footballers, he also shared a snippet similar to the pre-game face before the UFC fights. Both Ronaldo and Normagodov wore serious looks when confronted face to face. They exchanged a friendly match of wrestling, but with a big smile on their face.

Nurmagomedov shared these moments on social media:

“He’s always been great, do your thing better and you inspire millions of people around the world Cristiano.”

A few days ago, the militant also released moments featuring former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, entitled “It’s a great honor to speak with a legend”.

Ronaldo was not included in United’s starting line-up for the recent match against Everton. Eventually the game ended in a draw.

Both Bokba and Ronaldo came on as substitutes, but manager Ole Gunner was unable to motivate his team to win as Soulscare scratched his head incorrectly throughout the match.


Manchester United are currently fourth in the Premier League table with four wins, two draws and one defeat.

They are due to face Leicester on October 16.

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