Delhi courtroom shooting: Thugs Dhillu Tajpuria and Naveen Pali arrested



Authorities on Thursday arrested thugs Dillu Tajpuria and Naveen Pali in connection with the murder of Jitender Koki in a shooting inside a courtroom in Rohini, Delhi last month.

A few days ago, a gang of thugs in a criminal jail took Dhillu Tajpuria – one of the main conspirators – to arrest him in connection with the murder of Koki.

Naveen Bali, a jailed gangster, was also remanded in custody for two days on Tuesday in connection with the incident following his interrogation.

According to police, the lizard was involved in a plot to kill Koki.

At his instruction, one of his accomplices, a Nepali citizen Rohini, accompanied Rahul and Jakka to the court, armed with a lawyer’s uniform, along with other attackers.

Both Tajpuria and Pali are being held at Mandoli Prison No. 15.

Prison gangster Sunil Rathi is also suspected to have played a role and is under scanner.

Preliminary investigation into the case revealed that Tajpuria had been instructed to kill Koki over the phone.

Tajpuria was in touch with his associates on a VoIP call and guided how to implement the plan, police said.

Umang Yadav and Vinay were also arrested by a special unit of the Delhi Police from a residence in the Hyderabad area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorth-west Delhi in connection with the shooting and later handed over to the Crime Branch, which is investigating their case, police officials said.

On September 24, Jitender Koki was shot dead by two assailants inside Rohini Court. Both were later killed in a police retaliatory attack.

Koki and Dhillu gangs have been involved in the war for years and their rivalry is said to have killed dozens of lives. To achieve dominance, these two gangs have formed alliances with allies between other states.

The Koki gang is allied with Kala Jathedi, Lawrence Bishnoi, Sampath Nehra, Ashok Pradhan and Hashim Baba, while the Delhi gang is backed by Neeraj Bhawana, Sunil Rathi, Naveen Pali and Nazir, police said.


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