Dengue, garbage everywhere in the capital: Delhi High Court


The Delhi High Court on Wednesday ruled that the national capital, in the forefront of citizens, flows every day and it “cannot go further down”. The court said that the duty of municipal corporations appears to be only to pay salaries and pensions to employees.

“This is a bad situation for the city. Hundreds of crores in wages and pensions and what is happening to the city. Dengue, garbage, cattle grazing on the streets, roads are in bad condition. Where is this city going? Presenting … We tell them (corporations) to sell their properties, pay GNCTD but what happens? Where is the sense of responsibility of the petitioners and the municipality? Said.

The court said it was fighting for the rights of municipal employees and corporations, but there seems to be little going on when it comes to fulfilling the obligations. It also refers to conditions on cynic farms and says that it is “dirty like garbage” and that the cows there wander around and eat plastic.

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