Divided on the ground, united in grief: from the anti-farm to the BJP worker


Ashish Misra, the son of four local BJP leaders, a journalist and a driver Misra, who was killed in Sunday’s clashes, was hired by four agricultural protesters killed in a collision with vehicles, including a car belonging to Union Moses Ajay Misra.

Four protesters, Gurwinder Singh (18), Diljeet Singh (35), Nachatar Singh (55) and Lovepreet Singh (19) were killed. Gurwinder and Diljeet are from Bahraich district, while Nachatar and Lovepreet are from Lakhimpur Gari district.

Gurwinder wanted to finish his tenth grade and work as a laborer in Qatar. All his dreams are gone with him, ”said his uncle Naskeen Singh.

Kurvinder’s parents are brother Kursevak (22) and sister Rajini (20). “He said he was going for a good cause. Even if he dies, it’s for a good cause. We did not pay attention … who knows this will happen,” Nuskin said.

At the battlefield in Dikunia, Lovepreet’s sister Kagandeep did not make peace. “He’s our only brother,” he said. Lovepreet is survived by her farmer parents and two sisters.

When Natchez’s son, Mandeep, 30, heard about his father’s death, he said he was in Almora for his scientific Seema Paul (SSB) training. “I don’t know what happened. We expect justice,” he said. Nachatar is survived by his wife Jaswant, Mandeep, daughters Amandeep (20) and Sarabjit (22).

“He went to the fight for the first time and said he would be back by evening,” Jaswant said.

Diljeet’s cousin Sher Singh said the deceased farmer left behind two teenage sons, Burmeet Kaur (16) and Rajdeep Singh (14). One of his sons had gone to fight with him. He was injured and is receiving treatment, ”said Sher Singh.

“Diljeet will go to the farmers’ struggle … He thought this movement was important for the farmers,” he said.

Subham Misra, 26, a local BJP leader from Shivpuri, the district headquarters of Lakhimpur Keri, was one of the four killed in the clash. On Monday, his relatives and neighbors gathered outside his home to offer condolences. Among them was his uncle, Anoop Misra. “One life is one life. We expect justice … we expect the government to give us the same treatment as the dead farmers,” said Anoop. Only the local MLA came and met us … we were not given any guarantee of justice or compensation.

Subam, a businessman, his wife Rekha and an adult daughter Angel.

His father, a farmer, said he did not see who killed his son and therefore could not lay charges against anyone. “I don’t think farmers can do anything like this. It must have been done by social enemies,” said Chandanu, 24, another son of Vijay.

“How could anyone do this to him. His head was completely crushed. He was identified by clothes because he could not recognize his face,” said Subam’s friend Praveen Misra.

Sunil Singh, the BJP’s district unit chief in Lakhimpur, confirmed to The Indian Express that Subham was a party leader. He was one of eight dead. Shyam Sunder, 40, the leader of another party who was the regional minister for Singhai constituency, died violently on Sunday … I have full confidence in the investigation. Justice will be served on both sides and the accused will face action, ”he said.

Ashish driver Hari Om Misra, son of Union Moses Ajay Misra, was also among the dead, he said. “Hari Om is 35 years old and he is from Bharathan area of ​​the district,” he said.

The fourth person killed in the clash was Raman Kashyap, 30, a local journalist from the Nikasan area of ​​Lakhimpur Gary district, who worked as a stringer for Sadhana TV. He was killed while filming videos of the incident. He was beaten to death by protesters, ”said Brijmohan Singh of Sadhana TV.

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