Do not interfere in the activities of spas with valid licenses: Delhi High Court to Police


The Delhi High Court on Monday indicted the Delhi Police against the citizens and warned them not to interfere in the activities of spas with valid licenses and following the Govt-19 rules.

Judge Rekha School dragged out a police officer claiming that the spa and health hospital in Chandni Chuck was not allowed to reopen, saying, Time Nai Raha, Luke Court Ajeka Ek Complaint League Rose. ”

Counsel for the police told the court that spa owners could not be prevented from operating their premises anywhere unless they complied with their valid license and the Code of Conduct and other guidelines.

The court, however, said it would deal with matters related to complaints against police officers on a daily basis. In another case, a 75-year-old man approached himself claiming he had been assaulted by a police officer.

“I hope they understand now; I know what to do if they don’t. In the end the citizens only see us,” the court said while speaking to the prosecutor and reprimanding the police officer.

The lawyer said they would consider it and he would send the information to “headquarters”.

Petitioner, Prince Jain, said in the petition that DTMA allowed the spas to reopen in August and that his license was renewed until March 2022. However, he told local police station officials and staff that he was shocked and dissatisfied. The local chuck forced him to close for no reason.

“This harassment of local police officers and Saki’s staff has become routine,” he said in the petition.

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