‘Don’t let anyone look at the screen all day’: Elon Musk elevates neuralgia in metavers


Elon Musk, the leader of Tesla and SpaceX, does not seem to have much faith in the buzzwords of today’s technology industry on either Web 3.0 or Metawares. He co-founded Neurolink Musk, a neuro-technology company that works to develop chip-like brain implants to enhance human physical abilities through computers. Musk spoke about his views during an interview with The Babylon Peak. However, he acknowledged that many were discussing metawares with him.

“I have not seen anyone with a fridge screen tied to their face for a whole day. Although people talk to me a lot about this, I do not know whether to buy these metawares products. In the long run, a sophisticated neuralink will immerse you fully in virtual reality. It sounds like a kind of buzzword, “said Musk during a video conference.

The multi-billionaire tech mogul added that he did not see the opportunity for people to abandon the physical world to move to a virtual world.

“It’s going to spoil your vision, is not it? I can not see a stressful metaverse situation right now or it seems like more marketing than Web 3 reality. I did not get it, maybe I will get it, but I’m not getting it yet,” Musk added.

Earlier this year, Facebook renamed itself “Meta”, which checks the location of metavers.

According to Mark Zuckerberg in the future, Metawares will be able to teleport instantly with the hologram to stay in the office, at a concert with friends or in your parents’ reception without your travels. This will open up more opportunities wherever you live. You can spend more time on the things that are important to you and reduce the time in traffic.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, Metawares’ market potential is expected to reach $ 800 billion (approximately Rs. 59,58,719 crore) by 2024.

On the other hand, through Neuralink, Musk claims that it “helps a person with a stroke to use a smartphone mentally faster than those who use a thumb”.

Although metawares have already begun to be accepted in the gaming industry, Neuralink is still in its infancy.

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