DU publishes second cut-off list: 8 out of 10 courses are 100% still open for admission to the first list



Eight of the 10 projects with 100 per cent cut-off in the first list announced by the University of Delhi are still open for admission while the doors for two courses — Political Science at Hindu College and Computer Science at Hansraj College — have been closed. The second cut-off list was released on Saturday.

Both Hindu College and Hansraj College have admitted students to these courses in the first year. There were 125 admissions for about 20 general sections in the political science subject of Hindu, while Hansraj’s computer science saw 32 admissions for 23 general sections.
Ramjas College, which has released a 100 per cent cut-off for political science and physics, has opened both courses. Despite the same cut-off in political science being open, physics is down somewhat to 99.33 percent.

Ramjas approved the inclusion of 33 candidates against 31 unallocated seats in political science in the first list. In the end, 29 candidates paid their fees and completed the admission process. This means we only have two unreserved seats open. I also know that two students did not pay because it was difficult to raise money on time. Since there are only two seats, we have to be very careful in reducing the cut-off. With extra time, I hope those students can pay the fees and get admission in the second list, as the cut-off is not reduced, they can, ”said a teacher at the college.

Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), which released a 100 per cent cut-off for both Economics and BCom (Honors) in the first list, has reduced it to 99.75 per cent and 99.12 per cent respectively. 626 seats for BCom (Honors) and 155 seats for Economics are yet to be captured.

Three colleges — SGTB Kalsa College, Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) College and Shaheed Sukdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS) – released a 100 per cent cut-off per course each in the first list, but saw a bad response. Although SGDP did not see a combination of computer science in B.Com and DTU in Kalsa, SSCBS saw only a combination of computer science.

With this in mind, colleges have been somewhat generous with their cut-off relaxations. SGDP Kalsa has cut its cut-off to 98.75 per cent, while both DTU and SSCBS have reduced it to 98.5 per cent.

“We have received many applications from 100 per cent of the top four, but they were not in the trade stream, so there was a waste of marks and they could not clear the cut-off. We hope that the cut-off we have now will give us the number of admissions we need,” said SGTB Kalsa College Principal Jaswinder. Singh said.

In the first list of Indian Express, 65 arts and business courses and 29 science courses announced a cut-off for 99 per cent or more unbooked seats. As some of these courses close enrollment for these places and reduce the number of cut-offs, it has dropped significantly to 22 arts and business courses and 4 science courses in the second list.

In the first list, SGDP Kalsa College set a cut-off of 99 per cent and above for six courses, including 100 per cent for the B.Com program. In the second list, the BA (Honors) economy is only 99 percent. In BA (Honors) history, it has dropped from 99.25 percent to 98.25 percent; BA (Honors) in Political Science from 99.5 percent to 98.75 percent; 99.5 per cent to 98.75 per cent in BCom (Honors); And BSc (Honors) in Physics from 99 per cent to 97.66 per cent.

Five colleges had a cut-off of 99 percent and above in BA (Hons) Psychology in the first list. While most colleges have reduced this slightly, now only Lady Shri Ram College has reduced it from 99.5 per cent to 99.5 per cent in the first list. Daulat Ram College dropped to 98.75 per cent; Kamala Nehru College 98.75 per cent; Keshav Mahavidyalaya 98.5 per cent; And IP College 98.5 percent.

Bharathi College and Zakir Hussain College completed student admission in the scheme which had low cut-off.


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